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This repo contains the source code for blog posts I've written. As of right now, I don't have an automated process to go from this repo to a post: instead I just copy/paste the post contents into my blogging software, which means this might not perfectly reflect the state of the blog post elsewhere. (That might change, though!)

If you're looking at this, you're probably looking for the source code for a post. If you're looking to actually read the blog post, it's probably better to head on over to, where the posts can be read as they were meant to be read!


If you look at the source for some of these posts, you might notice something odd: they don't have all the code snippets in them! Several code blocks instead contain bits of text in guillemets, like «this/that». This is because I assemble these posts using a tool I wrote called bricoleur, which allows me to keep code in their own files and extract sections of the code into Markdown while also testing the sample code and keeping it up-to-date.