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  1. \documentclass[8pt,landscape]{extarticle}
  2. \input{assets/prelude.tex}
  3. \begin{document}
  4. \begin{multicols}{3}
  5. \begin{fragment}{Agenda}
  6. \begin{itemize}
  7. \item Make the world fantastic
  8. \item Fill the characters' lives with adventure
  9. \item Play to find out what happens
  10. \end{itemize}
  11. \end{fragment}
  12. \begin{fragment}{Goals}
  13. \begin{itemize}
  14. \item Establish details, describe
  15. \item Use what they give you
  16. \item Ask questions
  17. \item Leave blanks
  18. \item Look for interesting facts
  19. \item Help the players understand the moves
  20. \item Give each character a chance to shine
  21. \item Introduce NPCs
  22. \item Fill out your worksheet
  23. \end{itemize}
  24. \end{fragment}
  25. \begin{fragment}{Dungeon Goals}
  26. \begin{itemize}
  27. \item Change the environment
  28. \item Point to a looming threat
  29. \item Introduce a new faction or type of creature
  30. \item Use a threat from an existing faction or creature
  31. \item Make them backtrack
  32. \item Present riches at a price
  33. \item Present a challenge to one of the characters
  34. \end{itemize}
  35. \end{fragment}
  36. \begin{fragment}{Questions}
  37. \begin{itemize}
  38. \item Why was your grandfather afraid of the faerie?
  39. \item When did you realize you were lost?
  40. \item What were the fair folk known for in your village?
  41. \item What, if anything, do you have that is made of iron?
  42. \item What did the fae do to you when you fell asleep, drunk, out
  43. on the moor?
  44. \item What has been promised you for finding the child?
  45. \end{itemize}
  46. \end{fragment}
  47. \vfill\null
  48. \columnbreak
  49. \begin{fragment}{Impressions}
  50. \begin{itemize}
  51. \item A high ridge overlooking a wide valley
  52. \item An unmarked fork in the path
  53. \item A shallow brook lined with fern
  54. \item A ring of toadstools
  55. \item A faerie road from which you dare not step
  56. \item An empty village, save for one hut
  57. \item An infant who knows far too much
  58. \item A copse of bone-white birch
  59. \item A sucking wind and the first traces of smoke
  60. \item Three fat geese with pleading eyes
  61. \item Stone seals embedded in the old oaks
  62. \item A procession of fae courtesans
  63. \item Bread and honey laid out on the ground
  64. \item A faerie fort, whether they know it or not
  65. \item A shallow, moss-ringed pool
  66. \item An abandoned cart, laden with rotten fruit
  67. \item A strand of blackened oaks
  68. \item A flock of birds, suddenly taking flight
  69. \item A mass grave in an open pit
  70. \item The bleating of sheep in the mist
  71. \item The sounds of a battle that cannot be seen
  72. \item A steep wooded slope, barely scalable
  73. \item A senile woman protected by her cats
  74. \item A faerie door leading somewhere... unexpected
  75. \item A field of standing stones in long rows
  76. \item A lone fae soldier, fleeing for his life
  77. \item The forest around you, awash with flames
  78. \item A deep ford through unrelenting waters
  79. \item A handful of families, secreted in a remote cellar
  80. \end{itemize}
  81. \end{fragment}
  82. \vfill\null
  83. \columnbreak
  84. \begin{fragment}{Custom Moves}
  85. \begin{quote}
  86. When \condition{you accept faerie gold}, roll +WIS. \onSuccess,
  87. choose 1 from the list below. \onPartial, each time you make Camp
  88. thereafter, roll a die: on a 1, the coins turn to leaves.
  89. \begin{itemize}
  90. \item The gold is real
  91. \item You know the gold’s not real; it’s just a matter of time
  92. \end{itemize}
  93. \end{quote}
  94. * * *
  95. \begin{quote}
  96. When you \condition{are bitten by a faerie}, you have a moment
  97. of clarity before losing consciousness (as per the level 5
  98. Cleric spell \spell{True Seeing}).
  99. \end{quote}
  100. * * *
  101. \begin{quote}
  102. When you \condition{pry the seal from an oak}, a cloud of ash is
  103. expelled and the tree blackens and dies before your eyes.
  104. \end{quote}
  105. \end{fragment}
  106. \end{multicols}
  107. \begin{multicols}
  108. \begin{fragment}{Discoveries}
  109. \end{fragment}
  110. \vfull\null
  111. \columnbreak
  112. \begin{fragment}{Dangers}
  113. \end{fragment}
  114. \vfull\null
  115. \columnbreak
  116. \end{multicols}
  117. \end{document}