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+* Farmer
+* Merchant
+* Fisherman
+* Cartographer
+** Basic Moves
++ Derive :: When you have time and safety, you can discern the answer
+            to one of the following questions:
+            + What direction is most likely to yield something
+              valuable to me?
+            + What direction is most likely to yield something
+              interesting to me?
+            + What direction is most likely to yield safety from harm?
+            + What direction is most likely to yield danger?
+            If you travel in the direction described, then take +1
+            forward.
+** Advanced Moves
+* Noble
+** Basic Moves
+*** Probably something like the hardholder in AW. For example:
+*Retinue*: You have a retinue that travels with you: somewhere between
+two and six people. Give them names and descriptions, and then treat
+them collectively as a hireling with loyalty 3 and 5 skill points
+between them. You of course don't need to pay their cost: what are
+you, a commoner?
+*Leadership*: When you /have to order your +gang+ retinue to advance,
+ regroup, hold position, hold discipline, or put their damn backs into
+ it/, roll +CON. /On a hit/, they do it. /On a 10+/, they snap to:
+ take +1 forward. /On a miss/, they do it, but you'll hear about it
+ later.
+*Wealth*: If your /nobility is secure and your rule unchallenged/, at
+ the beginning of the session, roll +CHA. /On a 10+/, you have surplus
+ at hand and available for the needs of the session. /On a 7-9/, you
+ have surplus, but choose 1 want. /On a miss/, or if your nobility is
+ compromised or your rule contested, your steading is in want. The
+ precise values of your surplus and want depend on your steading, as
+ follows.
+*** Maybe some Hocus moves, too:
+*Frenzy* (or something more appropriate?): When you /command your
+retinue/, roll +CHA. /On a 10+/, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Spend your
+hold 1 for 1 to make the retinue:
++ Bring people forward and deliver them.
++ Bring forward all their precious things.
++ Unite and fight for you as a gang (2-harm 0-armor size appropriate).
++ Go quietly back to their lives.
+On a miss, the retinue turns on you.
+** Advanced Moves
+*** Noblesse Oblige
+When you /go out of your way to help someone from your domain/, take
++1 forward, and give your retinue +1 loyalty. When you /allow harm to
+come to someone from your domain due to your own inaction/, take -1
+forward, and give your retinue -1 loyalty.
+* Herbalist
+** Basic Moves
+*** Brewing potions
+*** Something social?
+** Advanced Moves
+*** steal that INT-instead-of-WIS one from Wizard

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-  foo
+\begin{amove}{Always Be Closing}
+  Make a big or lucrative deal.
-  bar
+\begin{amove}{Adventure Capitalist}
+  Travel to a new or far-away place.
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   in another settlement for five times the gold you put
   down. \onPartial, the GM will give you one of these complications:
-  \item The goods are fragile ???
-  \item The goods are dangerous in some way
-  \item The goods are intended for a specific market, and must be
-    transported there first
+  \item The goods are fragile, and may be destroyed if transported
+    carelessly or in difficult circumstances
+  \item The goods are dangerous in some way, and may open those
+    transporting them to harm under specific circumstances
+  \item The goods are intended for a specific market, and cannot be
+    sold elsewhere
   \item The goods are in high demand, and might make you the target of
     thieves, brigands, or unscrupulous types
+  \item The goods are critical for your contact, and if you fail to
+    sell them then your contact will 
   When you \condition{set up a stall or wagon to sell your goods at
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   The hold you get from \move{Insurance} can also be used to deal an
-  extra 1d6 to an enemy.
+  extra 1d6 damage to an enemy.
 \begin{amove}{Friend of a Friend}
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-  You have a shop that 
+  You have a shop in town that you maintain and supply. Day-to-day
+  operation is