Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Getty Ritter 5994dfa274 Replace Rectangle constructors with static methods 1 year ago
  Getty Ritter 23396d8317 Format panel files 1 year ago
  Getty Ritter 475317675f Some more hacks but it works-ish 1 year ago
  Getty Ritter 61d17519ac Start to add bad unfinished Rust shims 1 year ago
  Getty Ritter 4b72975f70 Start to convert CMake-based build system to Meson-based one 1 year ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 4a40caff34 Fix coding style 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 741e43960a Update slim.conf. Add sessiondir. 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu faa8c361cc Update man page 8 years ago
  Konstantin Goncharik a946608813 Fix font rendering err 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu d181b8bd7b Update versoion to 1.3.6 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu fd74c4ef99 systemd uses Linux only 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu c8f4010e4b Change install path of systemd service file 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 529c056656 Install man of slimlock 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 05fe60168c Change common library name to libslim and add version to library 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 5a8b8351b4 Update changelog 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 62f5c42d6b Fix install path of library and add install slimlock 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu ce1ca36c98 Add intall path of common libary 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu df9bed38e8 Add support ^H (like backspace). (Closes: 2663) 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu ba7bbbccb8 Enable building shared library 8 years ago
  Danny N 0be2cba88b Back ported a bug fix from most recent slimlock tree. 8 years ago
  Danny N 36e3b0864f Fixed type issue in cfg.cpp. 8 years ago
  mancha fbdfae3b40 Handle NULL returns from crypt() 8 years ago
  Danny N 11dcca4407 Updated CMakeLists.txt to accomodate slimlock. 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu a8f6f8b6c2 Fix check of -Wswitch 8 years ago
  Konstantin Goncharik 7aef5223e1 Fixed notes performance generated cppcheck 8 years ago
  Konstantin Goncharik df1c273164 Fixed small memory leak in App::StartServer() 8 years ago
  Konstantin Goncharik 1646b9d575 Remove semicolon style warnings 8 years ago
  Konstantin Goncharik 1ad6b022b5 Compiling clang fix error: call to function 'operator<<' that is neither visible in the template definition nor found by 8 years ago
  madanyang 059d9c7562 Reworked windowmanager-sessions 8 years ago
  madanyang 085c7228ce fix gcc-implicit-definitions 8 years ago