Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu df9bed38e8 Add support ^H (like backspace). (Closes: 2663) 8 years ago
  madanyang 059d9c7562 Reworked windowmanager-sessions 9 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu fccae89bbf Add slimlock and add some function for this 9 years ago
  iwamatsu ae2b9db56d Fix coding style 9 years ago
  iwamatsu b7a2dbdc6d Fix coding style 9 years ago
  iwamatsu 05cd6567dc Rplaced stderr writes function (Closes: #3158) 10 years ago
  sip 0fb49906e9 removed std namespace from header 13 years ago
  sip 080d166b10 made session text customizable: font, colors, position, prefix 13 years ago
  parmus 488266cb19 Merged branches/slim-pam back into trunk. 15 years ago
  sip e0628eb1c8 removed Xpm leftovers 15 years ago
  sip 13a4dbe88c restored the daemon config option, updated copyright info for 2006 16 years ago
  sip ef2bfe827a Using the multiplatform branch as the new trunk 16 years ago