Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu 5a8b8351b4 Update changelog 8 years ago
  Nobuhiro Iwamatsu d3ff7aaa1c Release version 1.3.5 9 years ago
  iwamatsu 1d1b63b3d4 Fix version 9 years ago
  iwamatsu 3cd825a408 Update Changelog 9 years ago
  iwamatsu 0462a9d46e Update changelog 10 years ago
  iwamatsu 126b433783 Update Changelog 11 years ago
  sip 3f9f86afc5 bumped release date 13 years ago
  sip 289380a173 preparing for release 13 years ago
  sip c14af2218f Added focus_password config option: focus password field 13 years ago
  sip e3a3dce4c3 Preparing for release 14 years ago
  winkj f2989b9753 Fix segfault when calling XCloseDisplay() with improper Display argument 14 years ago
  parmus 488266cb19 Merged branches/slim-pam back into trunk. 14 years ago
  sip 61360db6f3 fixed segfault on exit 15 years ago
  sip 40588e4fa0 preparing for release 15 years ago
  sip a487b5310f added release date 15 years ago
  sip 44129bd68d added Xauth authentication, prepare for release 1.2.5 15 years ago
  sip b1fe9d767f added hidecursor option 15 years ago
  sip cce7bda105 added release date for 1.2.4 16 years ago
  sip 13a4dbe88c restored the daemon config option, updated copyright info for 2006 16 years ago
  sip 66fcd45e63 added numlock option and functions, support for numpad Enter 16 years ago
  sip 9346c5a251 Added session start/stop commands 16 years ago
  sip 0af78caf33 fixed duplicate changelog entry 16 years ago
  sip ef2bfe827a Using the multiplatform branch as the new trunk 16 years ago