Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  iwamatsu 02d20f055b Fix PAM authentication fails with pam_unix2 (Closes: #15287) 10 years ago
  iwamatsu 05cd6567dc Rplaced stderr writes function (Closes: #3158) 10 years ago
  iwamatsu 427bb5619e Fix numlock control (Closes: #12094, #16850, #18522) 10 years ago
  iwamatsu 9c46f74ead Add App::isServerStarted function and replace 10 years ago
  iwamatsu d37da78f1c Add support ConsoleKit. 10 years ago
  iwamatsu b6109fa1b8 Fix logic for numlock and update coding style (#16536) 10 years ago
  iwamatsu 08544dd2af Fix symlink resolves when user's home has symbolic link in path (#17658) 10 years ago
  iwamatsu 7f51b5d151 Fix show black screen on On kfreebsd. 10 years ago
  iwamatsu 6fad7eb6a2 restart Xserver if killed 11 years ago
  iwamatsu ff3ae31bc6 Fix tty slowness 11 years ago
  iwamatsu 5f4a367db7 Remove localhost from Authenticator of pam 11 years ago
  iwamatsu 3eb201b839 Allow non-root users to run in xnest_debug mode 12 years ago
  iwamatsu 1958e19b19 Fix compile error with gcc-4.4 12 years ago
  iwamatsu fc71102a30 Add flag of server check 12 years ago
  iwamatsu 482849c2a5 Fix insecure xauth secret 13 years ago
  sip 0fb49906e9 removed std namespace from header 14 years ago
  sip 0b3f4a7192 fixed gcc deprecation warnings 14 years ago
  sip aaf124ef0f Enabled focus_password for PAM 14 years ago
  sip d97b79fdaa added -nodaemon commandline option 14 years ago
  sip c87f7c8399 Added auto_login option (adaped patch by vighy) 14 years ago
  sip c14af2218f Added focus_password config option: focus password field 14 years ago
  sip ccdab84f1c Fixed uninitialized daemonmode 15 years ago
  winkj f2989b9753 Fix segfault when calling XCloseDisplay() with improper Display argument 15 years ago
  parmus 488266cb19 Merged branches/slim-pam back into trunk. 15 years ago
  sip 61360db6f3 fixed segfault on exit 15 years ago
  sip 4bfecddc5d Fixed vt argument detection, thanks to Henrik Brix Andersen 15 years ago
  sip 81b4f59de9 close display and delete stuff on exit 16 years ago
  sip 6674fc28c6 fixed biggest memleaks \o/ 16 years ago
  sip 88b2dbb195 Update pid in lockfile after daemonizing 16 years ago
  sip 44129bd68d added Xauth authentication, prepare for release 1.2.5 16 years ago