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Lament Configuration

Bookmark organizing for pinheads.

Planned Features

  • Hierarchical tags: every link tagged with #food/bread will also be visible under #food
  • Collections: your top-level view of links can optionally be several folder-like divisions instead of a single tagged soup of link
  • Optional image previews: links can be viewed in text view or in thumbnail view, and this setting should be sticky on a per-collection basis
  • Some kind of bookmarklet for adding links, of course


You'll need poetry installed, and having invoke installed makes it easier.

# install all the needed dependencies
$ inv install
# run all the tests
$ inv test
# run a local test server at port 9999
$ inv run -p 9999

All the code here is auto-formatted by black, which should be installed by the inv install. Running inv fmt on a clean branch will run black over all Python files and commit those changes automatically; if the repository is dirty then it will run the formatter but won't try to commit anything.