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  1. author: David Graeber
  2. content: "A former LAPD officer turned sociologist (Cooper 1991) observed that the\
  3. \ overwhelming majority of those beaten by police turn out not to be guilty of any\
  4. \ crime. \u201CCops don\u2019t beat up burglars\u201D, he observed. The reason,\
  5. \ he explained, is simple: the one thing most guaranteed to evoke a violent reaction\
  6. \ from police is to challenge their right to \u201Cdefine the situation.\u201D If\
  7. \ what I\u2019ve been saying is true this is just what we\u2019d expect. The police\
  8. \ truncheon is precisely the point where the state\u2019s bureaucratic imperative\
  9. \ for imposing simple administrative schema, and its monopoly of coercive force,\
  10. \ come together. It only makes sense then that bureaucratic violence should consist\
  11. \ first and foremost of attacks on those who insist on alternative schemas or interpretations.\
  12. \ At the same time, if one accepts Piaget\u2019s famous definition of mature intelligence\
  13. \ as the ability to coordinate between multiple perspectives (or possible perspectives)\
  14. \ one can see, here, precisely how bureaucratic power, at the moment it turns to\
  15. \ violence, becomes literally a form of infantile stupidity."
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