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  1. author: Vincent van Gogh
  2. content: "That God of the clergymen, He is for me as dead as a doornail. But am I\
  3. \ an atheist for all that? The clergymen consider me as such\u2014be it so; but\
  4. \ I love, and how could I feel love if I did not live, and if others did not live,\
  5. \ and then, if we live, there is something mysterious in that. Now call that God,\
  6. \ or human nature or whatever you like, but there is something which I cannot define\
  7. \ systematically, though it is very much alive and very real, and see, that is God,\
  8. \ or as good as God. To believe in God for me is to feel that there is a God, not\
  9. \ a dead one, or a stuffed one, but a living one, who with irresistible force urges\
  10. \ us toward _aimer encore_; that is my opinion."
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