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  1. author: Umberto Eco, _Foucault's Pendulum_
  2. content: "One morning Amparo and I were driving along the coast after having attended\
  3. \ a seminar on the class structure of the lumpenproletariat. I saw some votive offerings\
  4. \ on the beach, little candles, white garlands. Amparo told me they were offerings\
  5. \ to Yemanj\xE1, goddess of the waters. We stopped, and she got out and walked demurely\
  6. \ onto the sand, stood a few moments in silence. I asked her if she believed in\
  7. \ this. She retorted angrily: How could I think such a thing? Then she added, \"\
  8. My grandmother used to bring me to the beach here, and she would pray to the goddess\
  9. \ to make me grow up beautiful and good and happy. Who was that Italian philosopher\
  10. \ who made that comment about black cats and coral horns? 'It's not true, but I\
  11. \ believe in it'? Well, I don't believe in it, but it's true.\""
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