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  1. \documentclass[8pt]{extarticle}
  2. \input{assets/prelude}
  3. \pbClass{Priest}
  4. \pbBaseHP{6}
  5. \pbDamage{6}
  6. \pbNames{Dwarf}{Durga, Aelfar, Gerda, Rurgosh, Bjorn, Drummond, Helga,
  7. Siggrun, Freya}
  8. \pbNames{Human}{Wesley, Brinton, Jon, Sara, Hawthorn, Elise, Clarke,
  9. Lenore, Piotr, Dahlia, Carmine}
  10. \pbNames{Orc}{Shâsurk, Kiprun, An-Grugûm, Trûblîrg, Bhigum,
  11. An-Taglurt, Ishugarg, Akalum}
  12. \pbLook{Kind Eyes, Sharp Eyes, or Sad Eyes}
  13. \pbLook{Tonsure, Strange Hair, or Bald}
  14. \pbLook{Flowing Robes, Habit, or Common Garb}
  15. \pbLook{Thin Body, Knobby Body, or Flabby Body}
  16. \begin{document}
  17. \openup -0.1em
  18. \charbanner
  19. \begin{minipage}[t]{3.2in}
  20. \leftbanner{Folk}
  21. \begin{optfeature}{Dwarf}
  22. When you \condition{use your \move{Divine Ward} on someone else},
  23. you take \armorForward{+1}.
  24. \end{optfeature}
  25. \begin{optfeature}{Human}
  26. When you \condition{\move{Defy Danger} from something related to
  27. your deity's domain}, take +1.
  28. \end{optfeature}
  29. \begin{optfeature}{Orc}
  30. When you \condition{deal damage to your deity's enemies}, you deal
  31. +1 damage.
  32. \end{optfeature}
  33. \
  34. \leftbanner{Alignment}
  35. \begin{optfeature}{Good}
  36. Endanger yourself to heal another.
  37. \end{optfeature}
  38. \begin{optfeature}{Lawful}
  39. Endanger yourself following the precepts of your church or god.
  40. \end{optfeature}
  41. \begin{optfeature}{Evil}
  42. Harm another to prove the superiority of your church or god.
  43. \end{optfeature}
  44. \
  45. \leftbanner{Bonds}
  46. \vfill\null
  47. \end{minipage}
  48. \begin{minipage}[t]{4.6in}
  49. \rightbanner{Starting Moves}
  50. \begin{basicmove}{Deity}
  51. You serve and worship some deity who grants you power. Give your god
  52. a name (maybe Helferth, Sucellus, Zorica or Krugon the Bleak) and
  53. define your deity's domain by filling in each answer:
  54. \begin{quote}\begin{description}
  55. \item [Controls:] (the sun, the seas, the skies) \hrulefill
  56. \item [Represents:] (love, death, war, wind) \hrulefill
  57. \item [Worshippers:] (nobles, dwarves, wizards) \hrulefill
  58. \item [Enemies:] (demons, undead, heretics) \hrulefill
  59. \item [Demands:] (sacrifices, secrets, victory) \hrulefill
  60. \end{description}\end{quote}
  61. \end{basicmove}
  62. \begin{basicmove}{Invocation}
  63. When you \condition{call out for your deity's aid in a time of
  64. need}, choose a \spell{Blessing} and roll +WIS. \onSuccess, your
  65. deity will intervene on your behalf---the GM will tell you
  66. how. \onPartial, your deity will grant your \spell{Blessing}, but you will
  67. also need to choose a \spell{Requirement}.
  68. \spell{Blessing}
  69. \begin{itemize}
  70. \item Your invocation manipulates the realm your deity Controls.
  71. \item Your invocation commands something your deity Represents.
  72. \item Your invocation bolsters your deity's Worshippers.
  73. \item Your invocation rebukes your deity's Enemies.
  74. \end{itemize}
  75. \spell{Requirement}
  76. \begin{itemize}
  77. \item Your invocation is obvious and immediate, drawing attention to
  78. you.
  79. \item The intervention is subtle or takes a while to manifest.
  80. \item Your deity demands something in return. The GM will tell you what.
  81. \item The divine experience leaves you dizzy with euphoria (or
  82. terror). You take \ongoing{-1} to Invoke until you have time to pray
  83. quietly for a while.
  84. \end{itemize}
  85. \end{basicmove}
  86. \begin{basicmove}{Divine Ward}
  87. When you \condition{call upon your deity for protection for yourself
  88. or an ally}, roll +WIS. \onSuccess, grant two of the following
  89. effects to the subject of your prayers. \onPartial, grant one, and
  90. your prayers draw unwanted attention.
  91. \begin{itemize}
  92. \item Heal \damage{1d8}
  93. \item Take \armorForward{+2}
  94. \item Take \forward{+1} to \move{Defy Danger}
  95. \item An approaching enemy is driven back
  96. \end{itemize}
  97. \end{basicmove}
  98. \begin{basicmove}{Lead the Flock}
  99. When you \condition{preach to a mob}, roll +CHA. \onSuccess, hold
  100. 3. \onPartial, hold 1. \onMiss, the mob turns on you. Spend your
  101. hold 1-for-1 on the following:
  102. \begin{itemize}
  103. \item bring people forth and deliver them to you.
  104. \item bring forth all their precious things.
  105. \item unite and fight for you.
  106. \item fall into a frenzy of emotion: joy, sorrow, or rage, as you choose.
  107. \item go quietly back to their lives.
  108. \end{itemize}
  109. \end{basicmove}
  110. \vfill\null
  111. \end{minipage}
  112. \charlower
  113. \clearpage
  114. \gearbanner
  115. \begin{multicols}{2}
  116. \yourLoad{7}. You carry dungeon rations (\uses{5}, \weight{1}), a
  117. priest's robes (\weight{0}), and a symbol of your deity, describe it
  118. (\weight{0}).
  119. Choose your armament:
  120. \begin{choices}
  121. \item Divine Weapon (\itag{hand} or \itag{close}, \weight{1})---you
  122. wield the favored weapon of your deity. Describe it.
  123. \item Staff (\itag{close}, \itag{two-handed}, \weight{1}) and
  124. bandages (\uses{3}, \weight{0})
  125. \end{choices}
  126. Choose two:
  127. \begin{choices}
  128. \item Adventuring gear (\weight{1}) and dungeon rations (\uses{5},
  129. \weight{1})
  130. \item Healing potion (\weight{0})
  131. \item Blessed leather armor (\armor{1}, \weight{1})
  132. \item Bag of books (\uses{5}, \weight{2}) and bangages (\uses{3},
  133. \weight{0})
  134. \end{choices}
  135. \columnbreak
  136. \vfill\null
  137. \end{multicols}
  138. \widebanner{Advanced Moves}
  139. \begin{multicols}{2}
  140. \firstAdvances
  141. \begin{amove}{Deity's Insight}
  142. When you \condition{take a moment to consult your deity}, you can
  143. Spout Lore using +WIS instead of +INT.
  144. \end{amove}
  145. \begin{amove}{Devoted Healer}
  146. When you \condition{heal someone else of damage}, add your level to
  147. the amount of damage healed. You may choose to take \damage{1d6}
  148. (ignores armor) to remove a debility from a person you are healing.
  149. \end{amove}
  150. \begin{amove}{Divine Protection}
  151. When you \condition{wear no armor or shield}, you have \armor{2}.
  152. \end{amove}
  153. \begin{amove}{First Aid}
  154. You ignore the \itag{slow} tag on Bandages and Poultices \&
  155. Herbs. When you are attacked while you are healing someone, gain
  156. \armor{+1} against the attack.
  157. \end{amove}
  158. \begin{amove}{Greater Warding}
  159. When you use \move{Divine Ward}, select one additional option, even
  160. on a 6-.
  161. \end{amove}
  162. \begin{amove}{Miracle Worker}
  163. Gain one move from the Mage class list. If you choose \move{Cast a
  164. Spell}, the \move{Spell Focus} you choose must be related to your
  165. deity. In addition, add the following to the list of options under
  166. \move{Spell Focus}:
  167. \begin{description}
  168. \item[Focus:] The Divinity
  169. \item [Look:] Divine Voice, Glowing Symbol of Faith, or Glowing
  170. Tattoos
  171. \item [Aligned:] Aid Worshippers, Channel your Deity, Manipulate its
  172. Representation
  173. \item [Opposed:] Aiding Enemies, Desecrating the Realm your Deity
  174. Controls
  175. \end{description}
  176. \end{amove}
  177. \begin{amove}{Multiclass Dabbler}
  178. Gain one move from another class. Treat your level as one lower for
  179. choosing the move.
  180. \end{amove}
  181. \begin{amove}{Orison for Guidance}
  182. When you \condition{fulfill your deity's Demands and and pray for
  183. guidance}, your deity tells you what it would have you do. If you
  184. do it, mark experience.
  185. \end{amove}
  186. \begin{amove}{Penitent}
  187. When you \condition{take damage and embrace the pain}, you may take
  188. \damage{+1d4} (ignoring armor). If you do, take \forward{+1}.
  189. \end{amove}
  190. \begin{amove}{Serenity}
  191. When you \condition{calmly walk through a dangerous situation}, take
  192. +1 to Defy Danger.
  193. \end{amove}
  194. \begin{amove}{The Scales of Life and Death}
  195. When \condition{someone else takes their \move{Last Breath} in your
  196. presence}, they take +1 to the roll.
  197. \end{amove}
  198. \columnbreak
  199. \secondAdvances
  200. \begin{amove}{Anathema}
  201. When you \condition{strike down an Enemy of your deity}, roll
  202. +WIS. \onSuccess, that enemy is disintegrated, struck down by the
  203. power of your faith. \onPartial, the enemy is still destroyed, but
  204. choose one:
  205. \begin{itemize}
  206. \item your deity's wrath is not yet over. It causes massive
  207. collateral damage.
  208. \item your deity draws upon your strength for this act. Take
  209. \forward{-1}.
  210. \end{itemize}
  211. \onMiss, your deity cannot destroy this Enemy. The GM will tell you
  212. why.
  213. \end{amove}
  214. \begin{amove}{Apotheosis}
  215. The next time you spend time in prayer after taking this move,
  216. choose a feature associated with your deity (rending claws, wings of
  217. sapphire feathers, an all-seeing third eye, etc.) When you emerge
  218. from prayer, you permanently gain that physical feature.
  219. \end{amove}
  220. \begin{amove}{Divine Armor}
  221. \moveReplaces{Divine Protection}
  222. When you \condition{wear no armor or shield}, you have \armor{3}.
  223. \end{amove}
  224. \begin{amove}{Gaze Not Upon Him}
  225. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Invocation}, your deity's magnificence inspires
  226. awe from all who see it. Allies take \forward{+1} and NPCs cower in
  227. awe, fear, or ecstacy, as is appropriate.
  228. \end{amove}
  229. \begin{amove}{Invigorate}
  230. When you \condition{heal someone}, they take \forward{+2} against
  231. the cause of their damage.
  232. \end{amove}
  233. \begin{amove}{Martyr}
  234. \moveReplaces{Penitent}
  235. When you \condition{take damage and embrace the pain}, you may take
  236. \damage{+1d4} (ignoring armor). If you do, take \ongoing{+1} until
  237. you roll a 12+.
  238. \end{amove}
  239. \begin{amove}{Multiclass Initiate}
  240. Gain one move from another class. Treat your level as one lower for
  241. choosing the move.
  242. \end{amove}
  243. \begin{amove}{Prayer of Unity}
  244. You no longer need to specify who you protect with \move{Divine
  245. Ward}. When you protect a group with \move{Divine Ward}, the
  246. chosen effect(s) applies to everyone in the group.
  247. \end{amove}
  248. \begin{amove}{Providence}
  249. Add the following option to the \move{Divine Ward} list:
  250. \begin{itemize}
  251. \item An enemy move fails due to a moment of divine providence,
  252. related to your deity's domain (a gust of wind, a flash of light,
  253. or something similar)
  254. \end{itemize}
  255. \end{amove}
  256. \begin{amove}{Reaper}
  257. When you \condition{take time after a confict to dedicate your
  258. victory to your deity and deal with the dead}, take \forward{+1}.
  259. \end{amove}
  260. \vfill\null
  261. \end{multicols}
  262. \end{document}