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  1. \documentclass[8pt]{extarticle}
  2. \input{assets/prelude}
  3. \pbClass{Mage}
  4. \pbBaseHP{4}
  5. \pbDamage{4}
  6. \pbNames{Elf}{Byakuren, Enkirash, Fenfaril, Halwyr, Lautrec,
  7. Lilliastre, Phirosalle, Quelann}
  8. \pbNames{Human}{Aldara, Avon, Logan, Marisa, Morgan, Ovid, Rath,
  9. Vitus, Uri, Xeno, Ysolde}
  10. \pbNames{Rihamm}{Aremin, Yuqedem, Ulsodumm, Yaqi, Epremis, Almudra,
  11. Samun, Dremm}
  12. \pbLook{Styled Hair, Wild Hair, or Pointed Hat}
  13. \pbLook{Worn Robes, Stylish Robes, or Strange Robes}
  14. \pbLook{Pudgy Body, Creepy Body, or Thin Body}
  15. \begin{document}
  16. \openup -0.1em
  17. \charbanner
  18. \begin{minipage}[t]{3.2in}
  19. \leftbanner{Folk}
  20. \begin{optfeature}{Elf}
  21. Whenever \condition{a magical effect happens close by}, you can feel
  22. it, and tell roughly which direction and how far it is from you.
  23. \end{optfeature}
  24. \begin{optfeature}{Human}
  25. When you \condition{Parley}, you can always offer to cast a spell as
  26. Leverage.
  27. \end{optfeature}
  28. \begin{optfeature}{Rihamm}
  29. When you \condition{\move{Cast A Spell} to help someone or something
  30. dear to you avoid danger}, take +1.
  31. \end{optfeature}
  32. \
  33. \leftbanner{Alignment}
  34. \begin{optfeature}{Good}
  35. Use magic to directly aid another.
  36. \end{optfeature}
  37. \begin{optfeature}{Neutral}
  38. Discover something about a magical mystery.
  39. \end{optfeature}
  40. \begin{optfeature}{Evil}
  41. Use magic to cause terror and fear.
  42. \end{optfeature}
  43. \
  44. \leftbanner{Bonds}
  45. \vfill\null
  46. \end{minipage}
  47. \begin{minipage}[t]{4.6in}
  48. \rightbanner{Starting Moves}
  49. \begin{basicmove}{Arcane Learning}
  50. You are a font of esoteric knowledge. When you
  51. \condition{\move{Spout Lore} or \move{Discern Realities} about
  52. something magical or otherwise arcane}, on a 10+ the GM will also
  53. tell you a little-known secret about the subject.
  54. \end{basicmove}
  55. \begin{basicmove}{Cast a Spell (INT)}
  56. When you \condition{weave a spell to help solve a problem}, describe
  57. it and roll +INT. Spells cast this way can never deal damage
  58. directly. \onSuccess, the spell certainly helps, but choose
  59. one. \onPartial, the spell takes effect, but the choose two:
  60. \begin{itemize}
  61. \item Your spell won't last long---you'll need to hurry to take
  62. advantage of it.
  63. \item Your spell affects either much more or much less than you
  64. wanted it to.
  65. \item Your spell has unforeseen side effects, and might draw
  66. unwanted attention.
  67. \item The casting saps your energy. You take \ongoing{-1} to INT
  68. until you have a few minutes to clear your head.
  69. \end{itemize}
  70. On a miss, something's gone horribly wrong. Your spell may well have
  71. worked, but you will regret casting it.
  72. \end{basicmove}
  73. \begin{basicmove}{Spell Focus}
  74. Your magical studies are centered on a particular kind of magic, an
  75. aspect of the metaphysical world from which you take
  76. inspiration. When you first learn magic, select a Focus from the
  77. list, and record it below. There is more information on Spell Foci
  78. on the attached page.
  79. When you \condition{weave a spell that is Aligned to your Focus},
  80. your modifier to the roll can't be less than +1. When you
  81. \condition{weave a spell that is neither Aligned nor Opposed to your
  82. Focus}, take -1 to the roll. \condition{You can never weave a
  83. spell if it is Opposed to your focus}.
  84. \begin{quote}
  85. \textbf{Focus:} \hrulefill\ \textbf{Look:} \hrulefill \\
  86. \textbf{Aligned:} \hrulefill \\
  87. \textbf{Opposed:} \hrulefill
  88. \end{quote}
  89. \end{basicmove}
  90. \vfill\null
  91. \end{minipage}
  92. \vfill\null
  93. Choose either \move{Black Magic} or \move{Counterspell} to start
  94. with. You can take the other as an Advance when you Level Up.
  95. \begin{multicols}{2}
  96. \begin{amove}{Black Magic (INT)}
  97. When you \condition{weave a spell to inflict pain}, choose two tags
  98. and roll +INT. If you do not pick any Range tags, the Range defaults
  99. to \itag{hand}. \onHit, deal 1d8 damage. \onPartial, also choose 1:
  100. \begin{itemize}
  101. \item You draw unwanted attention or put someone in a spot.
  102. \item The GM removes a non-range tag of their choice, and you deal
  103. -1 damage.
  104. \item The casting saps your energy. You take \ongoing{-1} to INT
  105. until you have a few minutes to clear your head.
  106. \end{itemize}
  107. \directive{Tags}: \itag{reach}, \itag{near}, \itag{debilitating (-1
  108. damage)}, \itag{elemental} (choose 1), \itag{forceful},
  109. \ntag{1}{piercing}, \itag{subtle}, \itag{two targets (-1 damage)}
  110. \end{amove}
  111. \vfill\null
  112. \columnbreak
  113. \begin{amove}{Counterspell (INT)}
  114. When you \condition{counter a magical spell as it is cast}, roll
  115. +INT. \onSuccess, choose 2. \onPartial, choose 1:
  116. \begin{itemize}
  117. \item The spell deals no damage.
  118. \item The spell's effects are superficial and temporary.
  119. \item You take \forward{+1} against the caster.
  120. \item Use \move{Black Magic} against the caster immediately, even
  121. if you don't have the move. You don't need to specify a Range tag.
  122. \end{itemize}
  123. \end{amove}
  124. \end{multicols}
  125. \charlower
  126. \clearpage
  127. \gearbanner
  128. \begin{multicols}{2}
  129. \yourLoad{7}. You start with dungeon rations (\uses{5},
  130. \weight{1}) and an indestructible arcane treasure through which you
  131. draw power (such as a wand, crown, or book) describe it (\weight{1}).
  132. Choose your defenses:
  133. \begin{choices}
  134. \item Leather armor (\armor{1}, \weight{1})
  135. \item Bag of books (\uses{5}, \weight{2}) and 3 healing potions
  136. \end{choices}
  137. Choose your weapon:
  138. \begin{choices}
  139. \item Dagger (\itag{hand}, \weight{1})
  140. \item Staff (\itag{close}, \itag{two-handed}, \weight{1})
  141. \end{choices}
  142. \columnbreak
  143. Choose one:
  144. \begin{choices}
  145. \item One healing potion
  146. \item Three antitoxins
  147. \end{choices}
  148. \vfill\null
  149. \end{multicols}
  150. \widebanner{Advanced Moves}
  151. \begin{multicols}{2}
  152. \firstAdvances
  153. \begin{amove}{Arcane Ward}
  154. You have \armor{+2} against magical attacks, and nearby allies have
  155. \armor{+1} against magical attacks.
  156. \end{amove}
  157. \begin{amove}{Battle Mage}
  158. Add the following tags to the \move{Black Magic} list: \itag{close},
  159. \itag{area} (-2 damage), \itag{messy} (+1d4 damage),
  160. \ntag{2}{piercing}. In addition, selecting a Range tag for your
  161. move{Black Magic} does not count as one of your two tag choices.
  162. \end{amove}
  163. \begin{amove}{Enchanter}
  164. When you \condition{have time and safety with an item in a place of
  165. power}, you may weave a spell to imbue it with magical
  166. power. Describe what kind of magic you want to imbue the item with,
  167. then roll +INT. \onSuccess, choose two. \onPartial, choose one.
  168. \begin{itemize}
  169. \item The enchantment is permanent.
  170. \item The enchantment has no unknown side effects.
  171. \item The enchantment does not have a weird limitation.
  172. \end{itemize}
  173. \onMiss, the item you made is cursed. The GM will let you know the
  174. nature of the curse, but only after it is too late.
  175. \end{amove}
  176. \begin{amove}{Impressive Counterspell}
  177. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Counterspell}, choose 3 options.
  178. \end{amove}
  179. \begin{amove}{Know-It-All}
  180. When another player’s character comes to you for advice and you tell
  181. them what you think is best, they get \forward{+1} when following
  182. your advice and you mark experience if they do.
  183. \end{amove}
  184. \begin{amove}{Logical}
  185. When you \condition{use strict deduction to analyze your
  186. surroundings}, you can \move{Discern Realities} with INT instead
  187. of WIS.
  188. \end{amove}
  189. \begin{amove}{Multiclass Dabbler}
  190. Gain one move from another class. Treat your level as one lower for
  191. choosing the move.
  192. \end{amove}
  193. \begin{amove}{Prodigy}
  194. Select a Focus other than the one you have, and add one of its
  195. Aligned elements and one of its Opposed elements to your list of
  196. Aligned and Opposed elements. You cannot select an element that
  197. contradicts your existing Aligned and Opposed elements.
  198. \end{amove}
  199. \begin{amove}{Ritual}
  200. When you \condition{draw on a place of power to create a magical
  201. effect}, tell the GM what you’re trying to achieve. Ritual effects
  202. are always possible, but the GM will give you one to four of the
  203. following conditions:
  204. \begin{itemize}
  205. \item It’s going to take days/weeks/months
  206. \item First you must \blank
  207. \item The result will be a lesser version, unreliable or limited
  208. \item It will need help from \blank
  209. \item It will require a lot of money
  210. \item You’ll have to disenchant \blank\ to do it
  211. \item You and your allies will risk danger from \blank
  212. \end{itemize}
  213. \end{amove}
  214. \columnbreak
  215. \begin{amove}{Spellweaver}
  216. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Cast a Spell}, your spell defies expectations,
  217. helping above and beyond what you intended. Choose nothing from the
  218. list.
  219. \end{amove}
  220. \secondAdvances
  221. \begin{amove}{Arcane Armor}
  222. \moveReplaces{Arcane Ward}
  223. You have \armor{+4} against magical attacks, and nearby allies have
  224. \armor{+2} against magical attacks.
  225. \end{amove}
  226. \begin{amove}{Archmage}
  227. \moveRequires{Prodigy}
  228. Select a Focus other than the one you have or the one you selected
  229. for Prodigy, and add one of its Aligned elements and one of its
  230. Opposed elements to your list of Aligned and Opposed elements. You
  231. cannot select an element that contradicts your existing Aligned and
  232. Opposed elements.
  233. \end{amove}
  234. \begin{amove}{Beyond Limitation}
  235. Select one of your Opposed elements and remove it.
  236. \end{amove}
  237. \begin{amove}{Enchanter's Soul}
  238. \moveRequires{Enchanter}
  239. When you \condition{have time and safety with a magic item in a
  240. place of power}, you can empower that item so that the next time
  241. you use it, its effects are amplifed. The GM will tell you exactly
  242. how.
  243. \end{amove}
  244. \begin{amove}{Highly Logical}
  245. \moveReplaces{Logical}
  246. When you \condition{use strict deduction to analyze your
  247. surroundings}, you can \move{Discern Realities} with +INT instead
  248. of +WIS. \onMassiveSuccess, you get to ask the GM any three
  249. questions, not limited by the list.
  250. \end{amove}
  251. \begin{amove}{Perfect Counterspell}
  252. Add the following to your list of \move{Counterspell} options:
  253. \begin{itemize}
  254. \item The enemy's spell affects its caster at full strength.
  255. \end{itemize}
  256. \end{amove}
  257. \begin{amove}{Reflexive Counterspell}
  258. \moveRequires{Impressive Counterspell}
  259. When you use \move{Counterspell}, choose one additional option, even
  260. on a 6-.
  261. \end{amove}
  262. \begin{amove}{Ritual Master}
  263. \moveRequires{Ritual}
  264. When the GM tells you the requirements you need to perform a Ritual,
  265. you can veto one of those requirements.
  266. \end{amove}
  267. \begin{amove}{Spell Mastery}
  268. \moveRequires{Spellweaver}
  269. When you roll a 10+ on \move{Cast a Spell}, you do not need to
  270. select any options from the list. \onPartial, choose only one option
  271. from the list.
  272. \end{amove}
  273. \begin{amove}{War Mage}
  274. \moveRequires{Battle Mage}
  275. Add the following tags to the \move{Black Magic} list: \itag{far},
  276. \itag{messy} (+1d8 damage), \ntag{3}{piercing}, \itag{three targets}
  277. (-2 damage). In addition, you choose three tags instead of two.
  278. \end{amove}
  279. \vfill\null
  280. \end{multicols}
  281. \clearpage
  282. \topbanner{The Mage's Spell Focus}
  283. \
  284. \widebanner{The Elements of a Spell Focus}
  285. Your Spell Focus is the crux of your Mage's power---it is that element
  286. around which their abilities gravitate, and determines what sort of
  287. magic they can use well and what sorts of magic they
  288. really... can't. Each Spell Focus is made up of a number of elements,
  289. detailed below.
  290. \begin{multicols}{2}
  291. \begin{fragment}{Focus}
  292. Your Focus is the name of the brand of magic you have consigned
  293. yourself to. It is a thematic bind that ties your powers into a
  294. cohesive whole. Your Focus must always begin with the word
  295. ``The''---this is important for magic.
  296. \end{fragment}
  297. \begin{fragment}{Aligned Elements}
  298. The Aligned elements of a focus are those that define your Mage's
  299. specialty. Each Focus has 3 Aligned options, which form an outline
  300. for what kind of spells you excel at. When you \move{Cast a Spell},
  301. if the spell you describe falls within one or more of your Aligned
  302. options, then the minimum bonus your roll can have is +1. This also
  303. applies to the Black Magic and Counterspell moves, when applicable.
  304. The Mage can still cast spells that fall outside of these Aligned
  305. elements. If they do, however, they take -1 to the roll. The Mage's
  306. powers are wide and varied, but they only have practice with their
  307. Aligned elements.
  308. \end{fragment}
  309. \columnbreak
  310. \begin{fragment}{Look}
  311. Your magical bond of power has altered you in strange and unforeseen
  312. ways. Each Focus has a set of Look options associated with it, which
  313. are a bit more unusual than most. Select one Look from the list.
  314. \end{fragment}
  315. \begin{fragment}{Opposed Elements}
  316. The Opposed elements of a focus are those that define your Mage's
  317. limits. Each Focus has 2 Opposed options---one of which that
  318. prohibits you from using magic towards a certain ends, and another
  319. that prohibits you from using magic with certain methods. For
  320. example, The Dragon's Opposed elements are "Healing or Repairing"
  321. and "Using Subtlety." The former stops the Dragon Mage from ever
  322. using magic to heal or repair anything, and the second prevents the
  323. Dragon Mage from using magic in a subtle or hidden manner. The Mage
  324. can NEVER cast a spell (including Black Magic and Counterspell) if
  325. it would fall under these Opposed elements.
  326. \end{fragment}
  327. \vfill\null
  328. \end{multicols}
  329. \begin{fragment}{Prodigy, Archmage, and Beyond Limitation}
  330. There are three advanced moves The Mage can take that alter the
  331. nature of their \move{Spell Focus}: \move{Prodigy}, \move{Archmage},
  332. and \move{Beyond Limitation}. \move{Beyond Limitation}'s function is
  333. very simple, but \move{Prodigy} and \move{Archmage} can be a bit
  334. complicated. When you take either of these Advanced moves, you
  335. select a Focus you do not have, and add one of its Aligned elements
  336. and one of its Opposed elements to your list of Aligned and Opposed
  337. elements. In this way, you broaden your mastery of spellcasting, at
  338. the cost of narrowing the variety of magic you have at your
  339. disposal. You can never pick elements that contradict any of your
  340. existing elements: a Dragon Mage cannot take The Mask's "Using Brute
  341. Force" Opposed option, for instance.
  342. \end{fragment}
  343. \
  344. \widebanner{List of Spell Foci}
  345. \begin{multicols}{2}
  346. \begin{description}
  347. \item[Focus:] The Abyss
  348. \item[Look:] Missing Eyes, Replaced Limb, or Touch of Rot
  349. \item[Aligned:] Conjure Horrors, Corrupt the Innocent, Transfigure
  350. Living Flesh
  351. \item [Opposed:] Purification or Enhancement, Using Spells that
  352. Aren't Horrifying
  353. \end{description}
  354. \
  355. \begin{description}
  356. \item[Focus:] The Clock
  357. \item[Look:] Hourglass pupils, Impossibly Old, or Ticking Heartbeat
  358. \item[Aligned:] Adjust the Flow of Time, Stop Aging and Movement,
  359. Erode to Dust
  360. \item[Opposed:] Manipulate Emotions, Moving Anything Around
  361. \end{description}
  362. \
  363. \begin{description}
  364. \item[Focus:] The Dragon
  365. \item[Look:] Aura of Warmth, Dragon Tail, or Scaled Body
  366. \item[Aligned:] Form of the Dragon, Burn with Fire or Passion,
  367. Reckless Destruction
  368. \item[Opposed:] Healing or Repairing, Using Subtlety
  369. \end{description}
  370. \
  371. \begin{description}
  372. \item[Focus:] The Forest
  373. \item[Look:] Green Skin, Leafy Hair, or Tree-Sap Blood
  374. \item[Aligned:] Rampant Growth, Unmake the Artificial, Commune with
  375. Nature
  376. \item[Opposed:] Assist or Create Anything Artificial, Desecrating the
  377. Natural Order
  378. \end{description}
  379. \
  380. \begin{description}
  381. \item[Focus:] The Horizon
  382. \item[Look:] Immaculate Grooming, Never Touches the Ground, or No
  383. Blood
  384. \item[Aligned:] Reveal the Way Forward, Purification, Grant Freedom or
  385. Movement
  386. \item[Opposed:] Elemental Magics, Forcing or Restricting Movement
  387. \end{description}
  388. \
  389. \begin{description}
  390. \item[Focus:] The Mask
  391. \item[Look:] Eternal Smile, Poker Face, or Silver Palms
  392. \item[Aligned:] Mislead Others, Avoid Notice, Cunning or Elaborate
  393. Plans
  394. \item[Opposed:] Break the Facade, Using Brute Force
  395. \end{description}
  396. \columnbreak
  397. \begin{description}
  398. \item[Focus:] The Stars
  399. \item[Look:] Galactic Hair, Speckled Skin, or Star-shaped Pupils
  400. \item[Aligned:] Foretell Destiny, Call Across Space, Peel Back the
  401. Veil
  402. \item[Opposed:] Earth and Stone, Hiding the Truth
  403. \end{description}
  404. \
  405. \begin{description}
  406. \item[Focus:] The Storm
  407. \item[Look:] Aura of Wind, Purple Skin, or Touch of Static
  408. \item[Aligned:] Fog and Lightning, Control Wind and Rain, Move like
  409. the Wind
  410. \item[Opposed:] Stasis and Calm, Creating Anything Solid or Permanent
  411. \end{description}
  412. \
  413. \begin{description}
  414. \item[Focus:] The Tower
  415. \item[Look:] Eyes of Mercury, Metal Arms, or Quicksilver Blood
  416. \item[Aligned:] Shield From Harm, Give Strength to the Weak, Iron and
  417. Steel
  418. \item[Opposed:] Fleeing or Escaping, Using Magic for Your Own Gain
  419. \end{description}
  420. \
  421. \begin{description}
  422. \item[Focus:] The Twilight
  423. \item[Look:] Inky Black Eyes, Missing Shadow, or Monochrome Body
  424. \item[Aligned:] Dance with Shadows, Incite Terror and Panic, Shroud
  425. the Truth
  426. \item[Opposed:] Fire and Light, Being Loud or Obvious
  427. \end{description}
  428. \
  429. \begin{description}
  430. \item[Focus:] The Winter
  431. \item[Look:] Aura of Cold, Blue Skin, or Touch of Frost
  432. \item[Aligned:] Chill them to the Bone, Induce Stasis, Reveal Grim
  433. Portents
  434. \item[Opposed:] Create or Empower Life, Showing Generosity
  435. \end{description}
  436. \vfill\null
  437. \end{multicols}
  438. \end{document}