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  1. \documentclass[8pt]{extarticle}
  2. \input{assets/prelude}
  3. \pbClass{Spy}
  4. \pbBaseHP{6}
  5. \pbDamage{6}
  6. \renewcommand{\Names}{Choose a fake name, and keep your real name
  7. secret.}
  8. \pbLook{Sharp Eyes, Shifty Eyes, or Monocle}
  9. \pbLook{Hooded Head, Wide-Brimmed Hat, or Stylish Hair}
  10. \pbLook{Dark Clothing, Nondescript Clothing, or Stolen Clothing}
  11. \pbLook{Rotund Body, Lean Body, or Sexy Body}
  12. \begin{document}
  13. \charbanner
  14. \begin{minipage}[t]{3.2in}
  15. \leftbanner{Background}
  16. Choose any folk, then choose how you came to be a spy:
  17. \begin{optfeature}{Criminal Mastermind}
  18. When you \condition{spend hold from \move{Network} to ask if a trap
  19. or ambush is present and get an answer of ``No''}, roll a d6. On a
  20. 3 or higher, the spent hold is refunded to you.
  21. \end{optfeature}
  22. \begin{optfeature}{State Agent}
  23. Hirelings you \move{Recruit} have +1 Loyalty.
  24. \end{optfeature}
  25. \begin{optfeature}{Private Investigator}
  26. When you \move{Discern Realities}, the GM will always tell you what
  27. happened here recently in addition to the move’s other results, even
  28. on a miss.
  29. \end{optfeature}
  30. \
  31. \leftbanner{Alignment}
  32. \begin{optfeature}{Evil}
  33. Eliminate a threat to your society or employer.
  34. \end{optfeature}
  35. \begin{optfeature}{Chaotic}
  36. Disrupt a power structure or organization.
  37. \end{optfeature}
  38. \begin{optfeature}{Neutral}
  39. Break into a secure place without being detected.
  40. \end{optfeature}
  41. \
  42. \leftbanner{Bonds}
  43. \vfill\null
  44. \end{minipage}
  45. \begin{minipage}[t]{4.6in}
  46. \rightbanner{Starting Moves}
  47. \begin{basicmove}{Network}
  48. You have a group of informants and scouts who can trade information
  49. with you, describe who or what they are! Every steading will have at
  50. least one contact from your network for you to meet. When you
  51. \condition{spend some time trading information with one of your
  52. contacts}, hold 2 plus your CHA. When you consult your contact’s
  53. intel, spend a hold to ask the GM one of the following:
  54. \begin{itemize}
  55. \item What’s the greatest danger here?
  56. \item Where is \blank hidden?
  57. \item Where could I best hide or blend in around here?
  58. \item Who can help me out around here?
  59. \item Is there a trap or ambush here, and if so, where?
  60. \item Where’s my best way in, out, or through this place?
  61. \item Who does \blank serve?
  62. \item What does \blank most desire?
  63. \item How can I best serve my society or employer around here?
  64. \end{itemize}
  65. After meeting your contact, you must come up with some new
  66. information to pass on before you can meet then again and gain more
  67. hold from this move.
  68. \end{basicmove}
  69. \
  70. \begin{basicmove}{Sleight of Hand}
  71. When you pick locks or pockets, disarm a trap, or escape restraints,
  72. roll +DEX. \onSuccess, you succeed unnoticed, no
  73. problem. \onPartial, you are still successful, but the GM will offer
  74. you two options between suspicion, danger, or cost.
  75. \end{basicmove}
  76. \
  77. \begin{basicmove}{Cloak and Dagger}
  78. You are trained to fight dirty. When you \condition{attack a
  79. surprised or defenseless enemy with a melee weapon}, either deal
  80. your damage or roll +DEX. \onSuccess, choose two. \onPartial, choose
  81. one:
  82. \begin{itemize}
  83. \item You deal your damage, ignoring armor
  84. \item One of their limbs or senses of your choice is crippled for a few moments
  85. \item You disengage from combat before they can retaliate against you
  86. \item No-one notices you make your attack, and your target doesn't make a sound
  87. \end{itemize}
  88. \end{basicmove}
  89. \vfill\null
  90. \end{minipage}
  91. \charlower
  92. \clearpage
  93. \gearbanner
  94. \begin{multicols}{2}
  95. \yourLoad{9}. You start with dungeon rations (\uses{5}, \weight{1})
  96. and a set of thieves' tools (\weight{2}). Choose three:
  97. \begin{choices}
  98. \item Rapier (\itag{close}, \itag{precise}, \weight{1})
  99. \item Stiletto (\itag{hand}, \weight{1}), which is never found even if you are searched
  100. \item 3 throwing knives (\itag{thrown}, \itag{near}, \weight{0})
  101. \item Leather armor (\armor{1}, \weight{1})
  102. \item Adventuring gear (\uses{5}, \weight{1})
  103. \item Antitoxin
  104. \item 10 coins
  105. \end{choices}
  106. \columnbreak
  107. \vfill\null
  108. \end{multicols}
  109. \widebanner{Advanced Moves}
  110. \begin{multicols}{2}
  111. \firstAdvances
  112. \begin{amove}{Acquisition}
  113. When you \condition{put out word to your contacts about something
  114. you want or need}, roll +CHA. \onSuccess, someone has it, just for
  115. you. \onPartial, you’ll have to settle for something close or it
  116. comes with strings attached, your call.
  117. \end{amove}
  118. \begin{amove}{Agent Provocateur}
  119. When you \condition{spend some time trading gossip in a community},
  120. roll +CHA. \onHit, you learn of an interesting opportunity
  121. nearby. \onSuccess, you can also start a rumor of your own; it will
  122. spread like wildfire.
  123. \end{amove}
  124. \begin{amove}{Backup}
  125. While you are in a steading, you can spend a hold from
  126. \move{Network} to have an agent of your organization accompany you
  127. for one task. Treat them as a hireling with skill points equal to
  128. your level, loyalty equal to your CHA, and the cost, ``service to
  129. our society''. After completing your task, they leave you unless you
  130. spend another hold.
  131. \end{amove}
  132. \begin{amove}{Blackmailer}
  133. Add the following option to \move{Network}:
  134. \begin{itemize}
  135. \item What could I use as leverage against \blank?
  136. \end{itemize}
  137. \end{amove}
  138. \begin{amove}{Data Handler}
  139. When you gain hold from \move{Network}, you gain 1 additional hold.
  140. \end{amove}
  141. \begin{amove}{Impersonation}
  142. When you \condition{disguise yourself as a specific person}, roll
  143. +CHA. \onSuccess, only that person’s most intimate associates can
  144. tell the difference. \onPartial, only those who do not know the
  145. person are fooled.
  146. \end{amove}
  147. \begin{amove}{In Your Shadow}
  148. When you \condition{follow or shadow someone}, roll
  149. +DEX. \onSuccess, you find out exactly what they’re up to without
  150. arousing suspicion. \onPartial, it’s either an impression of their
  151. doings or you can reveal yourself to learn more.
  152. \end{amove}
  153. \begin{amove}{Incognito}
  154. When you \condition{blend into a crowd or the shadows}, foes never
  155. spot you until you draw attention to yourself or leave your
  156. cover. You can move while remaining in your cover, but no faster
  157. than a leisurely walk.
  158. \end{amove}
  159. \begin{amove}{License to Kill}
  160. When you \condition{deal damage with a weapon with a range of
  161. \itag{hand} or the \itag{precise} tag}, deal +1d4 damage.
  162. \end{amove}
  163. \begin{amove}{Sneaky}
  164. Gain a move from the Thief playbook.
  165. \end{amove}
  166. \vfill\null
  167. \columnbreak
  168. \secondAdvances
  169. \begin{amove}{Black Ops}
  170. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Cloak and Dagger}, you get three choices from
  171. the list.
  172. \end{amove}
  173. \begin{amove}{Enigma}
  174. No force can make you betray your colleagues, not even Death
  175. itself. Any attempts to scry on your location, read your thoughts,
  176. or manipulate your mind fail.
  177. \end{amove}
  178. \begin{amove}{Fade Away}
  179. While you \condition{stay still or act meek and unobtrusive}, even
  180. in broad daylight, people only notice you if they are looking for
  181. you specifically.
  182. \end{amove}
  183. \begin{amove}{Field Agent}
  184. You can spend preparation as if it were hold on \move{Network}.
  185. \end{amove}
  186. \begin{amove}{Master Impersonator}
  187. \moveReplaces{Impersonation}
  188. When you \condition{disguise yourself as a specific person}, you
  189. look just like them. Your actions may give you away, but anyone who
  190. does not know the person intimately will be fooled by your
  191. appearance. When you meet someone who is intimately associated with
  192. the person you are impersonating, roll +CHA. \onSuccess, they are
  193. fooled, even by strange behavior, until you give yourself away for
  194. certain. \onPartial, they are already suspicious of you.
  195. \end{amove}
  196. \begin{amove}{Sealed Fate}
  197. Add the following option to \move{Network}:
  198. \begin{itemize}
  199. \item How is \blank vulnerable to me?
  200. \end{itemize}
  201. \end{amove}
  202. \begin{amove}{Secret Stash}
  203. You may spend a hold from \move{Network} to reveal a stash of useful
  204. equipment hidden nearby. The GM will tell you what you got.
  205. \end{amove}
  206. \begin{amove}{Social Psychology}
  207. \onPlainSuccessFor{Parley}, you can ask their player a question from
  208. the \move{Network} list, and they must answer it truthfully to the
  209. best of their knowledge. This information comes from a slip of the
  210. tongue or their body language giving it away. \onSuccess, they don’t
  211. notice that they gave up their information. \onPartial, they do.
  212. \end{amove}
  213. \begin{amove}{Very Sneaky}
  214. Gain a move from the Thief playbook.
  215. \end{amove}
  216. \begin{amove}{Web of Contacts}
  217. When you \condition{put out word to your contacts that you want to
  218. meet with someone}, roll +CHA. \onSuccess, someone can set up a
  219. meeting, with circumstances in your favor. \onPartial, you can meet
  220. with them, but there are strings attached or the circumstances are
  221. less than ideal.
  222. \end{amove}
  223. \vfill\null
  224. \end{multicols}
  225. \end{document}