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  1. \documentclass[8pt]{extarticle}
  2. \input{assets/prelude}
  3. \pbClass{Archaeologist}
  4. \pbBaseHP{6}
  5. \pbDamage{6}
  6. \pbNames{Dwarf}{Garin, Daltri, Harrak, Rulin, Kaja, Brall, Nyssa,
  7. Gwillen}
  8. \pbNames{Halfling}{Bolger, Garret, Odo, Mellyn, Portia, Frega, Lirrin,
  9. Nelmi}
  10. \pbNames{Human}{Byron, Gertrude, Lawrence, Chapman, Fredrick, Morley,
  11. Virginia, Tatiana, Salah}
  12. \pbLook{Clever Eyes, Shrewd Eyes, or Glasses}
  13. \pbLook{Untidy Hair, Balding, or Wide-Brimmed Hat}
  14. \pbLook{Weathered Clothing, Scholarly Clothing, or Practical Clothing}
  15. \pbLook{Tanned Body, Rugged Body, or Portly Body}
  16. \begin{document}
  17. \charbanner
  18. \begin{minipage}[t]{3.2in}
  19. \leftbanner{Folk}
  20. \begin{optfeature}{Dwarf}
  21. When you use \move{Antiquarian}, the GM will always truthfully tell
  22. you who created the object and how old it is in addition to the
  23. move’s other results, even on a miss.
  24. \end{optfeature}
  25. \begin{optfeature}{Halfling}
  26. You can always ask the GM ``Where’s the best hiding place around
  27. here?'' and get an honest answer.
  28. \end{optfeature}
  29. \begin{optfeature}{Human}
  30. When you \move{Make Camp}, if you possess adventuring gear with less
  31. than 5 uses, gain 1 use of that adventuring gear.
  32. \end{optfeature}
  33. \
  34. \leftbanner{Alignment}
  35. \begin{optfeature}{Good}
  36. Prevent an artifact or secret knowledge from being used to hurt
  37. others.
  38. \end{optfeature}
  39. \begin{optfeature}{Neutral}
  40. Discover long-lost knowledge or a culturally significant artifact or
  41. place.
  42. \end{optfeature}
  43. \begin{optfeature}{Chaotic}
  44. Leap into danger without a plan.
  45. \end{optfeature}
  46. \
  47. \leftbanner{Bonds}
  48. \vfill\null
  49. \end{minipage}
  50. \begin{minipage}[t]{4.6in}
  51. \rightbanner{Starting Moves}
  52. \begin{basicmove}{Antiquarian}
  53. When you \condition{closely examine an artifact or a piece of lost
  54. technology for the first time}, roll +INT. \onSuccess, ask the GM
  55. three of the following questions. \onPartial, ask two. \onMiss,
  56. ask two anyway, but the GM will give you a false answer for one of
  57. them.
  58. \begin{itemize}
  59. \item Who created this object and how old is it?
  60. \item What is the purpose of this object, or what does it do?
  61. \item Who would find this object valuable?
  62. \item How is this object dangerous to me?
  63. \item How is this object activated?
  64. \item What has been done to or with it recently?
  65. \item What’s wrong with it and how could it be fixed?
  66. \end{itemize}
  67. \end{basicmove}
  68. \
  69. \begin{basicmove}{Whip Tricks}
  70. A whip is a powerful tool in your hands. You can use your whip to
  71. grab small, unattended objects within reach range and swing upon it
  72. like a grappling hook, all without \move{Defying Danger}.
  73. You cannot \move{Hack and Slash} with your whip. Instead,
  74. \condition{when you crack your whip at an enemy within reach}, roll
  75. +DEX. \onSuccess, choose two. \onPartial, choose one:
  76. \begin{itemize}
  77. \item You entangle one of their limbs, preventing them from using it
  78. as long as you keep your whip wrapped around them
  79. \item You avoid any retaliation or counterattack
  80. \item You move them to any place within reach range
  81. \item You knock them prone or off-balance; the next person who takes
  82. advantage of this takes +1 forward
  83. \item You make them drop an object they are holding
  84. \end{itemize}
  85. \end{basicmove}
  86. \
  87. \begin{basicmove}{Researcher}
  88. When you \condition{spend at least a full day researching old tomes,
  89. dusty maps, and bits of lore about a nearby location}, roll
  90. +INT. \onSuccess, choose two from the list. \onPartial, choose
  91. one. \onMiss, choose one anyway, but don’t describe it yet. Instead,
  92. ask the GM what it will cost you or what you must do to gain that
  93. benefit.
  94. \begin{itemize}
  95. \item You find part of a map, draw it out or otherwise present it to
  96. the group.
  97. \item You learn of a trap or similar hazard, describe it and hold +1
  98. preparation.
  99. \item You learn of a dangerous enemy or group in the area, describe
  100. and/or name them and hold +1 preparation.
  101. \item You learn of a valuable treasure, describe it and where it’s
  102. kept.
  103. \item You learn something useful about the area’s history, layout,
  104. or politics; tell us what.
  105. \item You gain something that will be particularly useful in there
  106. (a key, a password, etc.), tell us what you got.
  107. \end{itemize}
  108. \end{basicmove}
  109. \vfill\null
  110. \end{minipage}
  111. \charlower
  112. \clearpage
  113. \gearbanner
  114. \begin{multicols}{2}
  115. \yourLoad{7}. You start with dungeon rations (\uses{5}, \weight{1}),
  116. adventuring gear (\uses{5}, \weight{1}), a whip (\weight{1}), and a
  117. map to someplace hidden, tell us where! Choose two:
  118. \begin{choices}
  119. \item A bag of books (\uses{5}, \weight{2})
  120. \item Leather armor (\armor{1}, \weight{1})
  121. \item Bandages (\uses{3}), antitoxin, and a short sword
  122. (\itag{close}, \weight{1})
  123. \item A hand crossbow (\itag{near}, \itag{reload}, \weight{1}) and a
  124. pack of bolts (\ammo{3}, \weight{1})
  125. \end{choices}
  126. \columnbreak
  127. \vfill\null
  128. \end{multicols}
  129. \widebanner{Advanced Moves}
  130. \begin{multicols}{2}
  131. \firstAdvances
  132. \begin{amove}{Academic Reputation}
  133. When you \move{Parley} with someone who highly respects knowledge or
  134. history, you may roll with INT instead of CHA.
  135. \end{amove}
  136. \begin{amove}{Bookworm}
  137. When you make the \move{Research} move, you get +1 preparation in
  138. addition to any of the move’s other effects.
  139. \end{amove}
  140. \begin{amove}{Danger Sense}
  141. When you \condition{take a moment to survey an area}, you may ask
  142. the GM ``Is there an ambush or trap here?'' If the answer is
  143. ``yes'', roll +INT. \onSuccess, ask the GM three questions from the
  144. list below. \onPartial, ask one.
  145. \begin{itemize}
  146. \item What will trigger the trap or ambush?
  147. \item What will happen once it’s triggered?
  148. \item How could it be disarmed or thwarted?
  149. \item What else should I be on the lookout for?
  150. \end{itemize}
  151. \end{amove}
  152. \begin{amove}{Moment of Insight}
  153. When something supernatural makes you \move{Defy Danger}, take
  154. \forward{+1} to \move{Spout Lore} about that threat.
  155. \end{amove}
  156. \begin{amove}{Simon Belmont}
  157. Add the following option to the Whip Tricks list:
  158. \begin{itemize}
  159. \item You deal your damage
  160. \end{itemize}
  161. \end{amove}
  162. \begin{amove}{Sleuth}
  163. When you \move{Discern Realities}, the GM will always tell you what
  164. happened here recently in addition to the move’s other results, even
  165. on a miss.
  166. \end{amove}
  167. \begin{amove}{Sneaky}
  168. Gain a move from the thief playbook.
  169. \end{amove}
  170. \begin{amove}{Treasure Hunter}
  171. When you \condition{obtain a valuable treasure or artifact for the
  172. first time}, hold 2. Spend a hold to gain one of the following
  173. benefits:
  174. \begin{itemize}
  175. \item Take +1 forward to Defy Danger
  176. \item Deal +1d6 damage forward, no more than once per attack
  177. \item Heal yourself for 1d8 HP
  178. \end{itemize}
  179. \end{amove}
  180. \begin{amove}{Well-Connected}
  181. When you \condition{declare that you know someone who can help you
  182. solve a task}, describe that person and roll +CHA. \onHit, you
  183. can get help from your contact. \onPartial, there’s a catch, choose
  184. one and explain why this is:
  185. \begin{itemize}
  186. \item You owe them a debt, or their help will cost you
  187. \item Reaching them will be inconvenient or dangerous
  188. \item They’re not exactly trustworthy or reliable
  189. \item They hold some enmity towards you
  190. \end{itemize}
  191. \end{amove}
  192. \begin{amove}{Whip Master}
  193. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Whip Tricks}, choose 3 options from the list.
  194. \end{amove}
  195. \columnbreak
  196. \secondAdvances
  197. \begin{amove}{Careful Explorer}
  198. When your group decides to \move{Undertake a Perilous Journey}, you
  199. always spot trouble in advance. If you choose to either \move{Scout
  200. Ahead} or \move{Navigate}, then treat it as if you had rolled an
  201. automatic 10+.
  202. \end{amove}
  203. \begin{amove}{Investigator}
  204. \moveRequires{Sleuth}
  205. When you \move{Discern Realities}, up to two of your questions can
  206. by anything, not limited by the list.
  207. \end{amove}
  208. \begin{amove}{Master Looter}
  209. \moveRequires{Treasure Hunter}
  210. When you \condition{obtain a valuable treasure or artifact for the
  211. first time}, hold 4 on Treasure Hunter instead of 2.
  212. \end{amove}
  213. \begin{amove}{Mola Ram}
  214. When you use a magical item and force it to obey your will, instead
  215. of using its effects as written, roll +INT. \onSuccess, you control
  216. the degree and extent of its effects. \onPartial, you direct its
  217. effects, but choose one:
  218. \begin{itemize}
  219. \item You break it; it cannot be used again until it is fixed.
  220. \item You lose control, producing additional, unwanted effects.
  221. \end{itemize}
  222. \end{amove}
  223. \begin{amove}{Society of Explorers}
  224. \moveRequires{Well-Connected}
  225. \onPlainSuccessFor{Well-Connected}, your contact will also have some
  226. useful information for you; choose an option from the
  227. \move{Researcher} list for free once you have time to talk with
  228. them.
  229. \end{amove}
  230. \begin{amove}{Perfect Planning}
  231. When you \move{Defy Danger}, you may spend 1 preparation to roll
  232. with INT instead of whatever the GM says.
  233. \end{amove}
  234. \begin{amove}{Professor}
  235. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Antiquarian}, you may answer one of the
  236. questions yourself. Whatever you say, it is the truth.
  237. \end{amove}
  238. \begin{amove}{Very Sneaky}
  239. Gain a move from the thief playbook.
  240. \end{amove}
  241. \begin{amove}{Whip Perfection}
  242. \moveReplaces{Whip Mastery}
  243. \onPlainSuccessFor{Whip Tricks}, choose one additional option, and
  244. add the following options to the list:
  245. \begin{itemize}
  246. \item You snatch an object they held or were guarding. Now it’s
  247. yours!
  248. \end{itemize}
  249. \end{amove}
  250. \begin{amove}{Why'd it Have to be Snakes?}
  251. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Spout Lore}, in addition to the normal effects,
  252. you may ask the GM any one question about the subject. Take +1
  253. forward when acting on that information.
  254. \end{amove}
  255. \vfill\null
  256. \end{multicols}
  257. \end{document}