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  1. \documentclass[8pt]{extarticle}
  2. \input{assets/prelude}
  3. \pbClass{Farmer}
  4. \pbBaseHP{8}
  5. \pbDamage{6}
  6. \pbNames{Dwarf}{Idar, Talin, Lorsôth, Arngish, Sumum,
  7. Tarag, Zasit, Dungren, Gûrast}
  8. \pbNames{Human}{Emmet, Adkins, Roisia, Brise, Decima,
  9. Potkin, Silja, Henrik, Taro}
  10. \pbNames{Rihamm}{Yaro, Umudrar, Produs, Aqeramm, Qedrim,
  11. Bashiren, Ebra, Eduss}
  12. \pbLook{Sparkling Eyes, Sharp Eyes, or Weary Eyes}
  13. \pbLook{Jaunty Cap, Long Hair, or Close-Cropped Hair}
  14. \pbLook{Ragged Clothes, Bulky Clothes, or Bare-Chested}
  15. \pbLook{Rugged Body, Round Body, or Fit Body}
  16. \begin{document}
  17. \charbanner
  18. \begin{minipage}[t]{3.2in}
  19. \leftbanner{Folk}
  20. \begin{optfeature}{Dwarf}
  21. You've toiled underground to grow mushrooms and lichens. When you
  22. \move{Discern Realities} while in a cave or other natural
  23. underground area, take +1.
  24. \end{optfeature}
  25. \begin{optfeature}{Human}
  26. You've toiled in the field through the hottest summers and the
  27. coldest winters. When you \move{Defy Danger} because of extreme
  28. heat or extreme cold, take +1.
  29. \end{optfeature}
  30. \begin{optfeature}{Rihamm}
  31. You've toiled in the rocky and barren wastes, and know their
  32. secrets. When you \move{Forage}, you can ignore any penalties
  33. associated with \textbf{barren} areas.
  34. \end{optfeature}
  35. \
  36. \leftbanner{Drive}
  37. \begin{optfeature}{Share the Bounty}
  38. Share your food with those who need it.
  39. \end{optfeature}
  40. \begin{optfeature}{Folk Hero}
  41. Impulsively and rashly rush in to help a sitution.
  42. \end{optfeature}
  43. \begin{optfeature}{Grower}
  44. Discover a new plant to grow or animal to domesticate.
  45. \end{optfeature}
  46. \
  47. \leftbanner{Bonds}
  48. \vfill\null
  49. \end{minipage}
  50. \begin{minipage}[t]{4.6in}
  51. \rightbanner{Starting Moves}
  52. \begin{basicmove}{Beasts of Burden}
  53. You have several beasts that help you around town and in the farm
  54. which can accompany you in travel. You begin with 2 beasts. For each
  55. beast, select what kind it is from the list below, give it a name,
  56. and describe it:
  57. \begin{choices}
  58. \item A playful beast: take +1 when you \move{Carouse}.
  59. \item A smelling beast: take +1 when you \move{Forage}.
  60. \item A surveying beast: take +1 when you \move{Navigate}.
  61. \item A guarding beast: take +1 when you \move{Stay Sharp}.
  62. \item A gentle beast: when you \move{Recover}, you can treat
  63. this beast as a healer for the purposes of healing debilities.
  64. \item A pack beast: this beast can carry 20 Load of items, but
  65. cannot accompany you into buildings or through dangerous terrain.
  66. \item A riding beast: when taking a \move{Safe Journey}, you
  67. and your travelling-party can travel one extra hex.
  68. \end{choices}
  69. Give each beast one of the following strengths:
  70. \begin{quote}
  71. \textit{fast, burly, huge, calm, adaptable, quick reflexes,
  72. tireless, camouflage, ferocious, intimidating, keen senses,
  73. stealthy}
  74. \end{quote}
  75. Give each beast one of the following weaknesses:
  76. \begin{quote}
  77. \textit{flighty, savage, slow, broken, frightening, forgetful,
  78. stubborn, lame}
  79. \end{quote}
  80. \end{basicmove}
  81. \
  82. \begin{basicmove}{Good Eats}
  83. When you \condition{spend time making a delicious feast from the
  84. foods you have on hand for a group}, describe what sort of
  85. delicious meal you're making, mark off as many rations as people
  86. you're cooking for, and roll +WIS. \onSuccess, choose 2 from the
  87. list below. \onPartial, choose 1. \onMiss, everyone is full but
  88. underwhelmed: take \forward{-1} due to the dismal reception of your
  89. feast.
  90. \begin{itemize}
  91. \item The feast is filling. The next time those present \move{Make
  92. Camp}, they do not need to \move{Manage Provisions}.
  93. \item The feast is revitalizing. Everyone who eats the feast heals 2
  94. HP immediately.
  95. \item The feast is massive. The leftovers count as 1 extra ration,
  96. which can be taken by anyone who wants to keep it.
  97. \end{itemize}
  98. \end{basicmove}
  99. \
  100. \begin{basicmove}{Social Butterfly}
  101. When you \condition{spend a day in a civilized place eating,
  102. drinking, chatting, and meeting people}, roll +WIS. \onHit, you
  103. meet a friendly acquaintance---maybe someone new, maybe someone you
  104. know---who is happy to help you out a bit around town. \onSuccess,
  105. hold 3. \onPartial, hold 2. Spend your hold to call on your
  106. acquaintance:
  107. \begin{itemize}
  108. \item show you to a place nearby.
  109. \item introduce you to a connection.
  110. \item get you a good deal on an item at market.
  111. \item give you an important fact or detail about the town or
  112. its surrounding.
  113. \end{itemize}
  114. \end{basicmove}
  115. \vfill\null
  116. \end{minipage}
  117. \charlower
  118. \clearpage
  119. \gearbanner
  120. \begin{multicols}{2}
  121. \begin{quote}
  122. \yourLoad{12}. You start with two sets of dungeon rations
  123. (each has 5 uses, 1 weight), leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight),
  124. and 10 coins. Choose your weapon:
  125. \begin{choices}
  126. \item Shillelagh (close, 2 weight)
  127. \item Knife (hand, 2 weight)
  128. \end{choices}
  129. Chooose one of the following botanicals:
  130. \begin{choices}
  131. \item Sunset Apple (5 uses, 1 weight)
  132. \item Barrierwood Stalk (5 uses, 1 weight)
  133. \item Demon Tar (5 uses, 1 weight)
  134. \end{choices}
  135. Choose one:
  136. \begin{choices}
  137. \item Adventuring gear (1 weight)
  138. \item Healing potion (0 weight)
  139. \end{choices}
  140. \end{quote}
  141. \columnbreak
  142. \
  143. \end{multicols}
  144. \widebanner{Advanced Moves}
  145. \begin{multicols}{2}
  146. \firstAdvances
  147. \begin{amove}{Green Thumb}
  148. You have an instinctive understanding of plants and things that
  149. grow. When you \move{Forage} for rations, you take 1d6 rations
  150. instead of 1d4 on a success.
  151. \end{amove}
  152. \begin{amove}{Friend to Beasts}
  153. You can be accompanied by 3 \move{Beasts of Burden} at a time.
  154. \end{amove}
  155. \begin{amove}{Fit for a King}
  156. Add the following option to the \move{Good Eats} move:
  157. \begin{itemize}
  158. \item The feast is energizing. Everyone who eats the feast takes
  159. \forward{+1}.
  160. \end{itemize}
  161. \end{amove}
  162. \begin{amove}{Wisdom of the Wilds}
  163. Choose one move from the \textbf{Ranger} or \textbf{Druid} playbooks.
  164. \end{amove}
  165. \begin{amove}{Salt of the Earth}
  166. When you \move{Spout Lore} about features of the natural world you
  167. can use WIS instead of INT.
  168. \end{amove}
  169. \begin{amove}{Man's Best Friend}
  170. When you \condition{allow one of your beasts to take a blow that was
  171. meant for you}, the damage is negated and your beast is
  172. temporarily incapacitated. If it is already incapacitated you can't
  173. use this ability. When you have a few hours of rest with your beast,
  174. it recovers back to normal.
  175. \end{amove}
  176. \begin{amove}{Ol' Fashioned Fisticuffs}
  177. When you \condition{fight with just your fists}, do +1 damage. (Note
  178. that, while your fists may be tough from years on the farm, you're
  179. still a farmer, not a fighter. Your fists still can't punch through
  180. plate armor!)
  181. \end{amove}
  182. \begin{amove}{Wild Horses}
  183. When you have \condition{time and safety in the wilderness}, you can
  184. find and tame a wild beast. For the rest of your current journey, it
  185. can act as an extra \move{Beast of Burden}, but the GM will give you
  186. one to four of these caveats:
  187. \begin{itemize}
  188. \item It is flighty, and may bolt at the first sign of danger
  189. \item It is loud or noticeable
  190. \item It is slow to rouse or to action
  191. \item It must be tempted with a specific treat---the GM will tell
  192. you what
  193. \item It will take extra time to coax the beast to help you
  194. \item To convince the beast to accompany you, you must first \blank
  195. \item You and your travelling-party will risk danger from \blank
  196. \end{itemize}
  197. You can travel with at most one wild beast at a time.
  198. \end{amove}
  199. \vfill\null
  200. \columnbreak
  201. \begin{amove}{My Back Is Broad}
  202. When you \condition{take damage from an enemy}, select one of your
  203. allies. That ally takes \forward{+1} to attack the enemy.
  204. \end{amove}
  205. \begin{amove}{Gimme Shelter}
  206. When you \condition{safely harbor and protect someone through dire
  207. or mortal danger}, mark XP.
  208. \end{amove}
  209. \secondAdvances
  210. \begin{amove}{Master Gardener}
  211. \moveReplaces{Green Thumb}
  212. You have an instinctive understanding of plants and things that
  213. grow. When you \move{Forage} for rations, you take 1d6 rations
  214. instead of 1d4 on a success. \onMassiveSuccessFor{Forage}, you also
  215. gain +1 ration for every member of your travelling-party.
  216. \end{amove}
  217. \begin{amove}{Stardew Valley}
  218. You can always find food and drink in a natural setting. So long as
  219. you're sleeping in the wilderness, you don't need to consume a
  220. ration.
  221. \end{amove}
  222. \begin{amove}{Menagerie}
  223. \moveRequires{Friend to Beasts}
  224. Choose another beast to accompany you from the \move{Beasts of
  225. Burden} move.
  226. \end{amove}
  227. \begin{amove}{Gourmand}
  228. Add the following option to the \move{Good Eats} move:
  229. \begin{itemize}
  230. \item The feast is divine. For the next several hours, the location
  231. in which the feast took place can serve as a \textbf{place of
  232. power} for a wizard or mage.
  233. \end{itemize}
  234. \end{amove}
  235. \begin{amove}{Harvest Moon}
  236. When you \condition{mark off a ration on behalf of someone else},
  237. they take \forward{+1}.
  238. \end{amove}
  239. \begin{amove}{Street Fighting Man}
  240. \moveRequires{Ol' Fashioned Fisticuffs}
  241. When you \condition{fight with just your fists and you're
  242. outnumbered}, do \damage{+2}.
  243. \end{amove}
  244. \begin{amove}{But It's A-Hurtin'}
  245. \moveReplaces{My Back is Broad}
  246. When you \condition{take damage from an enemy}, select one of your
  247. allies. That ally gets \forward{+1} to attack the enemy as well as
  248. \forward{+1} to damage that enemy.
  249. \end{amove}
  250. \begin{amove}{Sympathy for the Devil}
  251. When you \condition{would deal damage to an enemy}, you can choose
  252. instead to deal no damage, and instead take \ongoing{+1} to all
  253. \move{Defy Danger} rolls associated with that enemy.
  254. \end{amove}
  255. % \begin{amove}{Story of Seasons}
  256. % When you \move{Make Camp}, you can choose a player in your
  257. % travelling-party---possibly yourself---and ask them to tell a short
  258. % story: maybe a tale of past adventures, a family story, or a
  259. % folktale. If they do, then everyone who listens takes \forward{+1}.
  260. % \end{amove}
  261. \vfill\null
  262. \end{multicols}
  263. \end{document}