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  1. \documentclass[8pt]{extarticle}
  2. \input{assets/prelude}
  3. \pbClass{Cleric}
  4. \pbBaseHP{8}
  5. \pbDamage{6}
  6. \pbNames{Dwarf}{Durga, Aelfar, Gerda, Rurgosh, Bjorn, Drummond, Helga,
  7. Siggrun, Freya}
  8. \pbNames{Human}{Wesley, Brinton, Jon, Sara, Hawthorn, Elise, Clarke,
  9. Lenore, Piotr, Dahlia, Carmine}
  10. \pbNames{Orc}{Klashîgh-An, Fifibrîsh, Ragishi, Kakûrt, Shâghah,
  11. Galurgh, Akhush-An, Klûsark}
  12. \pbLook{Kind Eyes, Sharp Eyes, or Sad Eyes}
  13. \pbLook{Tonsure, Strange Hair, or Bald}
  14. \pbLook{Flowing Robes, Habit, or Common Garb}
  15. \pbLook{Thin Body, Knobby Body, or Flabby Body}
  16. \begin{document}
  17. \openup -0.2em
  18. \charbanner
  19. \begin{minipage}[t]{3.2in}
  20. \leftbanner{Folk}
  21. \begin{optfeature}{Dwarf}
  22. You are one with stone. When you \move{Commune} you are also granted
  23. a special version of \spell{Words of the Unspeaking} as a rote which
  24. only works on stone.
  25. \end{optfeature}
  26. \begin{optfeature}{Human}
  27. Your faith is diverse. Choose one wizard spell. You can cast and be
  28. granted that spell as if it was a cleric spell.
  29. \end{optfeature}
  30. \begin{optfeature}{Orc}
  31. Your soul is most at peace when you are prepared for any battle. You
  32. are granted \spell{Magic Weapon} as a rote.
  33. \end{optfeature}
  34. \
  35. \leftbanner{Alignment}
  36. \begin{optfeature}{Good}
  37. Endanger yourself to heal another.
  38. \end{optfeature}
  39. \begin{optfeature}{Lawful}
  40. Endanger yourself following the precepts of your church or god.
  41. \end{optfeature}
  42. \begin{optfeature}{Evil}
  43. Harm another to prove the superiority of your church or god.
  44. \end{optfeature}
  45. \
  46. \leftbanner{Bonds}
  47. \vfill\null
  48. \end{minipage}
  49. \begin{minipage}[t]{4.6in}
  50. \rightbanner{Starting Moves}
  51. \begin{basicmove}{Deity}
  52. You serve and worship some deity or power which grants you
  53. spells. Give your god a name (maybe Helferth, Sucellus, Zorica or
  54. Krugon the Bleak) and choose your deity’s domain:
  55. % this is one of the grosser ones: it'd be nice to have a generic way
  56. % of solving this
  57. \begin{multicols}{2}
  58. \begin{choices}
  59. \item Healing and Restoration
  60. \item Bloody Conquest
  61. \item Civilization
  62. \end{choices}
  63. \columnbreak
  64. \begin{choices}
  65. \item Knowledge and Secrets
  66. \item The Downtrodden
  67. \item What Lies Beneath
  68. \end{choices}
  69. \end{multicols}
  70. Choose one precept of your religion:
  71. \begin{choices}
  72. \item Your religion preaches the sanctity of suffering, add Petition:
  73. Suffering
  74. \item Your religion is cultish and insular, add Petition: Gaining
  75. Secrets
  76. \item Your religion has important sacrificial rites, add Petition:
  77. Offering
  78. \item Your religion believes in trial by combat, add Petition:
  79. Personal Victory
  80. \end{choices}
  81. \end{basicmove}
  82. \begin{basicmove}{Divine Guidance}
  83. When you \condition{petition your deity according to the precept of
  84. your religion}, you are granted some useful knowledge or boon
  85. related to your deity’s domain. The GM will tell you what.
  86. \end{basicmove}
  87. \begin{basicmove}{Turn Undead}
  88. When you \condition{hold your holy symbol aloft and call on your
  89. deity for protection}, roll +WIS. \onHit, so long as you continue
  90. to pray and brandish your holy symbol, no undead may come within
  91. reach of you. \onSuccess, you also momentarily daze intelligent
  92. undead and cause mindless undead to flee. Aggression breaks the
  93. effects and they are able to act as normal. Intelligent undead may
  94. still find ways to harry you from afar. They’re clever like that.
  95. \end{basicmove}
  96. \begin{basicmove}{Commune}
  97. When you \condition{spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) in
  98. quiet communion with your deity}, you:
  99. \begin{itemize}
  100. \item Lose any spells already granted to you.
  101. \item Are granted new spells of your choice whose total levels don’t
  102. exceed your own level+1, and none of which is a higher level than
  103. your own level.
  104. \item Prepare all of your rotes, which never count against your
  105. limit.
  106. \end{itemize}
  107. \end{basicmove}
  108. \begin{basicmove}{Cast a Spell}
  109. When you \condition{unleash a spell granted to you by your deity},
  110. roll +WIS. \onSuccess, the spell is successfully cast and your
  111. deity does not revoke the spell, so you may cast it
  112. again. \onPartial, the spell is cast, but choose one:
  113. \begin{itemize}
  114. \item You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot. The GM
  115. will tell you how.
  116. \item Your casting distances you from your deity---take \ongoing{-1}
  117. to cast a spell until the next time you \move{Commune}.
  118. \item After you cast it, the spell is revoked by your deity. You
  119. cannot cast the spell again until you \move{Commune} and have it
  120. granted to you.
  121. \end{itemize}
  122. Note that maintaining spells with ongoing effects will sometimes
  123. cause a penalty to your roll to cast a spell.
  124. \end{basicmove}
  125. \vfill\null
  126. \end{minipage}
  127. \charlower
  128. \clearpage
  129. \gearbanner
  130. \begin{multicols}{2}
  131. \begin{quote}
  132. \yourLoad{10}. You carry dungeon rations (\ntag{5}{uses},
  133. \ntag{1}{weight}) and some symbol of the divine, describe it
  134. (\ntag{0}{weight}). Choose your defenses:
  135. \begin{quote}
  136. \Checkbox{6pt} Chainmail (\armor{1}, \ntag{1}{weight})
  137. \Checkbox{6pt} Shield (\ntag{+1}{armor}, \ntag{2}{weight})
  138. \end{quote}
  139. Choose your armament:
  140. \begin{quote}
  141. \Checkbox{6pt} Warhammer (\itag{close}, \ntag{1}{weight})
  142. \Checkbox{6pt} Mace (\itag{close}, \ntag{1}{weight})
  143. \Checkbox{6pt} Staff (\itag{close}, \itag{two-handed},
  144. \ntag{1}{weight}) and bandages (\ntag{0}{weight})
  145. \end{quote}
  146. Choose one:
  147. \begin{quote}
  148. \Checkbox{6pt} Adventuring gear (\ntag{1}{weight}) and dungeon
  149. rations (\ntag{5}{uses}, \ntag{1}{weight})
  150. \Checkbox{6pt} Healing potion (\ntag{0}{weight})
  151. \end{quote}
  152. \end{quote}
  153. \columnbreak
  154. \
  155. \end{multicols}
  156. \widebanner{Advanced Moves}
  157. \begin{multicols}{2}
  158. \firstAdvances
  159. \begin{amove}{Chosen One}
  160. Choose one spell. You are granted that spell as if it was one level
  161. lower.
  162. \end{amove}
  163. \begin{amove}{Invigorate}
  164. When you \condition{heal someone} they take \forward{+2} to their
  165. damage.
  166. \end{amove}
  167. \begin{amove}{The Scales of Life and Death}
  168. When someone takes their \move{Last Breath} in your presence, they
  169. take +1 to the roll.
  170. \end{amove}
  171. \begin{amove}{Serenity}
  172. When you \move{Cast A Spell} you ignore the first -1 penalty from
  173. ongoing spells.
  174. \end{amove}
  175. \begin{amove}{First Aid}
  176. \spell{Cure Light Wounds} is a rote for you, and therefore doesn’t
  177. count against your limit of granted spells.
  178. \end{amove}
  179. \begin{amove}{Divine Intervention}
  180. When you \move{Commune} you get 1 hold and lose any hold you already
  181. had. Spend that hold when you or an ally takes damage to call on
  182. your deity, they intervene with an appropriate manifestation (a
  183. sudden gust of wind, a lucky slip, a burst of light) and negate the
  184. damage.
  185. \end{amove}
  186. \begin{amove}{Penitent}
  187. When you \condition{take damage and embrace the pain}, you may take
  188. \damage{+1d4} (ignoring armor). If you do, take \forward{+1} to cast
  189. a spell.
  190. \end{amove}
  191. \begin{amove}{Empower}
  192. When you \move{Cast A Spell}, on a 10+ you have the option of
  193. choosing from the 7–9 list. If you do, you may choose one of these
  194. effects as well:
  195. \begin{itemize}
  196. \item The spell’s effects are doubled
  197. \item The spell’s targets are doubled
  198. \end{itemize}
  199. \end{amove}
  200. \begin{amove}{Orison for Guidance}
  201. When you \condition{sacrifice something of value to your deity and
  202. pray for guidance}, your deity tells you what it would have you
  203. do. If you do it, mark experience.
  204. \end{amove}
  205. \begin{amove}{Divine Protection}
  206. When you \condition{wear no armor or shield} you get \armor{2}.
  207. \end{amove}
  208. \begin{amove}{Devoted Healer}
  209. When you \condition{heal someone else of damage}, add your level to
  210. the amount of damage healed.
  211. \end{amove}
  212. \vfill\null
  213. \columnbreak
  214. \secondAdvances
  215. \begin{amove}{Anointed}
  216. \moveRequires{Chosen One}
  217. Choose one spell in addition to the one you picked for \move{Chosen
  218. One}. You are granted that spell as if it was one level lower.
  219. \end{amove}
  220. \begin{amove}{Apotheosis}
  221. The first time you spend time in prayer as appropriate to your god
  222. after taking this move, choose a feature associated with your deity
  223. (rending claws, wings of sapphire feathers, an all-seeing third eye,
  224. etc.). When you emerge from prayer, you permanently gain that
  225. physical feature.
  226. \end{amove}
  227. \begin{amove}{Reaper}
  228. When you \condition{take time after a conflict to dedicate your
  229. victory to your deity and deal with the dead}, take \forward{+1}.
  230. \end{amove}
  231. \begin{amove}{Providence}
  232. \moveReplaces{Serenity}
  233. You ignore the -1 penalty from two spells you maintain.
  234. \end{amove}
  235. \begin{amove}{Greater First Aid}
  236. \moveRequires{First Aid}
  237. \spell{Cure Moderate Wounds} is a rote for you, and therefore
  238. doesn’t count against your limit of granted spells.
  239. \end{amove}
  240. \begin{amove}{Divine Invincibility}
  241. \moveReplaces{Divine Intervention}
  242. When you \move{Commune} you gain 2 hold and lose any hold you
  243. already had. Spend that hold when you or an ally takes damage to
  244. call on your deity, who intervenes with an appropriate manifestation
  245. (a sudden gust of wind, a lucky slip, a burst of light) and negates
  246. the damage.
  247. \end{amove}
  248. \begin{amove}{Martyr}
  249. \moveReplaces{Penitent}
  250. When you \condition{take damage and embrace the pain}, you may take
  251. +1d4 damage (ignoring armor). If you do, take \forward{+1} to cast a
  252. spell and add your level to any damage done or healed by the spell.
  253. \end{amove}
  254. \begin{amove}{Divine Armor}
  255. \moveReplaces{Divine Protection}
  256. When you \condition{wear no armor or shield} you get \armor{3}.
  257. \end{amove}
  258. \begin{amove}{Greater Empower}
  259. \moveReplaces{Empower}
  260. \onPlainSuccessFor{Cast A Spell}, you have the option of choosing
  261. from the 7–9 list. If you do, you may choose one of these effects as
  262. well. \onMassiveSuccess, you get to choose one of these effects for
  263. free.
  264. \begin{itemize}
  265. \item The spell’s effects are doubled
  266. \item The spell’s targets are doubled
  267. \end{itemize}
  268. \end{amove}
  269. \begin{amove}{Multiclass Dabbler}
  270. Get one move from another class. Treat your level as one lower for
  271. choosing the move.
  272. \end{amove}
  273. \vfill\null
  274. \end{multicols}
  275. \clearpage
  276. \topbanner{Cleric Spells}
  277. \
  278. \widebanner{Rotes}
  279. \begin{multicols}{2}
  280. \begin{quote}
  281. Every time you \move{Commune}, you gain access to all of your
  282. rotes without having to select them or count them toward your
  283. allotment of spells.
  284. \end{quote}
  285. \begin{aspell}{Light}{}
  286. An item you touch glows with divine light, about as bright as a
  287. torch. It gives off no heat or sound and requires no fuel but is
  288. otherwise like a mundane torch. You have complete control of the
  289. color of the flame. The spell lasts as long as it is in your
  290. presence.
  291. \end{aspell}
  292. \vfill\null
  293. \columnbreak
  294. \begin{aspell}{Sanctify}{}
  295. Food or water you hold in your hands while you cast this spell is
  296. consecrated by your deity. In addition to now being holy or
  297. unholy, the affected substance is purified of any mundane
  298. spoilage.
  299. \end{aspell}
  300. \begin{aspell}{Guidance}{}
  301. The symbol of your deity appears before you and gestures towards
  302. the direction or course of action your deity would have you take
  303. then disappears. The message is through gesture only; your
  304. communication through this spell is severely limited.
  305. \end{aspell}
  306. \vfill\null
  307. \end{multicols}
  308. \widebanner{First Level Spells}
  309. \begin{multicols}{2}
  310. \begin{aspell}{Bless}{Ongoing}
  311. Your deity smiles upon a combatant of your choice. They take
  312. \ongoing{+1} so long as battle continues and they stand and
  313. fight. While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to cast a spell.
  314. \end{aspell}
  315. \begin{aspell}{Cure Light Wounds}{}
  316. At your touch wounds scab and bones cease to ache. Heal an ally
  317. you touch of 1d8 damage.
  318. \end{aspell}
  319. \begin{aspell}{Detect Alignment}{}
  320. When you cast this spell choose an alignment: Good, Evil, Lawful,
  321. or Chaotic. One of your senses is briefly able to detect that
  322. alignment. The GM will tell you what here is of that alignment.
  323. \end{aspell}
  324. \begin{aspell}{Cause Fear}{Ongoing}
  325. Choose a target you can see and a nearby object. The target is
  326. afraid of the object so long as you maintain the spell. Their
  327. reaction is up to them: flee, panic, beg, fight. While this spell
  328. is ongoing you take -1 to cast a spell. You cannot target entities
  329. with less than animal intelligence (magical constructs, undead,
  330. automatons, and the like).
  331. \end{aspell}
  332. \vfill\null
  333. \columnbreak
  334. \begin{aspell}{Magic Weapon}{Ongoing}
  335. The weapon you hold while casting does +1d4 damage until you
  336. dismiss this spell. While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to
  337. cast a spell.
  338. \end{aspell}
  339. \begin{aspell}{Sanctuary}{}
  340. As you cast this spell, you walk the perimeter of an area,
  341. consecrating it to your deity. As long as you stay within that
  342. area you are alerted whenever someone acts with malice within the
  343. sanctuary (including entering with harmful intent). Anyone who
  344. receives healing within a sanctuary heals +1d4 HP.
  345. \end{aspell}
  346. \begin{aspell}{Speak With Dead}{}
  347. A corpse converses with you briefly. It will answer any three
  348. questions you pose to it to the best of the knowledge it had in
  349. life and the knowledge it gained in death.
  350. \end{aspell}
  351. \vfill\null
  352. \end{multicols}
  353. \widebanner{Third Level Spells}
  354. \begin{multicols}{2}
  355. \begin{aspell}{Animate Dead}{Ongoing}
  356. You invoke a hungry spirit to possess a recently-dead body and
  357. serve you. This creates a zombie that follows your orders to the
  358. best of its limited abilities. Treat the zombie as a character,
  359. but with access to only the basic moves. It has a +1 modifier for
  360. all stats and 1 HP. The zombie also gets your choice of 1d4 of
  361. these traits:
  362. \begin{itemize}
  363. \item It’s talented. Give one stat a +2 modifier.
  364. \item It’s durable. It has +2 HP for each level you have.
  365. \item It has a functioning brain and can complete complex tasks.
  366. \item It does not appear obviously dead, at least for a day or
  367. two.
  368. \end{itemize}
  369. The zombie lasts until it is destroyed by taking damage in excess
  370. of its HP, or until you end the spell. While this spell is ongoing
  371. you take -1 to cast a spell.
  372. \end{aspell}
  373. \begin{aspell}{Cure Moderate Wounds}{}
  374. You staunch bleeding and set bones through magic. Heal an ally you
  375. touch of 2d8 damage.
  376. \end{aspell}
  377. \begin{aspell}{Darkness}{Ongoing}
  378. Choose an area you can see: it’s filled with supernatural darkness
  379. and shadow. While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to cast a
  380. spell.
  381. \end{aspell}
  382. \vfill\null
  383. \columnbreak
  384. \begin{aspell}{Resurrection}{}
  385. Tell the GM you would like to resurrect a corpse whose soul has
  386. not yet fully departed this world. Resurrection is always
  387. possible, but the GM will give you one or more (possibly all) of
  388. these conditions to fulfill:
  389. \begin{itemize}
  390. \item It’s going to take days/weeks/months
  391. \item You must get help from \hrulefill
  392. \item It will require a lot of money
  393. \item You must sacrifice \hrulefill\ to do it
  394. \end{itemize}
  395. The GM may, depending on the circumstances, allow you to resurrect
  396. the corpse now, with the understanding that the conditions must be
  397. met before it’s permanent, or require you to meet the conditions
  398. before the corpse is resurrected.
  399. \end{aspell}
  400. \begin{aspell}{Hold Person}{}
  401. Choose a person you can see. Until you cast a spell or leave their
  402. presence they cannot act except to speak. This effect ends
  403. immediately if the target takes damage from any source.
  404. \end{aspell}
  405. \vfill\null
  406. \end{multicols}
  407. \clearpage
  408. \widebanner{Fifth Level Spells}
  409. \begin{multicols}{2}
  410. \begin{aspell}{Revelation}{}
  411. Your deity answers your prayers with a moment of perfect
  412. understanding. The GM will shed light on the current situation. When
  413. acting on the information, you take \forward{+1}.
  414. \end{aspell}
  415. \begin{aspell}{Cure Critical Wounds}{}
  416. Heal an ally you touch of 3d8 damage.
  417. \end{aspell}
  418. \begin{aspell}{Divination}{}
  419. Name a person, place, or thing you want to learn about. Your deity
  420. grants you visions of the target, as clear as if you were there.
  421. \end{aspell}
  422. \begin{aspell}{Contagion}{Ongoing}
  423. Choose a creature you can see. Until you end this spell, the target
  424. suffers from a disease of your choice. While this spell is ongoing
  425. you take -1 to cast a spell.
  426. \end{aspell}
  427. \vfill\null
  428. \columnbreak
  429. \begin{aspell}{Words of the Unspeaking}{}
  430. With a touch you speak to the spirits within things. The non-living
  431. object you touch answers three questions you pose, as best it can.
  432. \end{aspell}
  433. \begin{aspell}{True Seeing}{Ongoing}
  434. Your vision is opened to the true nature of everything you lay your
  435. eyes on. You pierce illusions and see things that have been
  436. hidden. The GM will describe the area before you ignoring any
  437. illusions and falsehoods, magical or otherwise. While this spell is
  438. ongoing you take -1 to cast a spell.
  439. \end{aspell}
  440. \begin{aspell}{Trap Soul}{}
  441. You trap the soul of a dying creature within a gem. The trapped
  442. creature is aware of its imprisonment but can still be manipulated
  443. through spells, parley, and other effects. All moves against the
  444. trapped creature are at +1. You can free the soul at any time but it
  445. can never be recaptured once freed.
  446. \end{aspell}
  447. \vfill\null
  448. \end{multicols}
  449. \widebanner{Seventh Level Spells}
  450. \begin{multicols}{2}
  451. \begin{aspell}{Word of Recall}{}
  452. Choose a word. The first time after casting this spell that you
  453. speak the chosen word, you and any allies touching you when you cast
  454. the spell are immediately returned to the exact spot where you cast
  455. the spell. You can only maintain a single location; casting Word of
  456. Recall again before speaking the word replaces the earlier spell.
  457. \end{aspell}
  458. \begin{aspell}{Heal}{}
  459. Touch an ally and you may heal their damage a number of points up to
  460. your maximum HP.
  461. \end{aspell}
  462. \begin{aspell}{Harm}{}
  463. Touch an enemy and strike them with divine wrath—deal 2d8 damage to
  464. them and 1d6 damage to yourself. This damage ignores armor.
  465. \end{aspell}
  466. \vfill\null
  467. \columnbreak
  468. \begin{aspell}{Sever}{Ongoing}
  469. Choose an appendage on the target such as an arm, tentacle, or
  470. wing. The appendage is magically severed from their body, causing no
  471. damage but considerable pain. Missing an appendage may, for example,
  472. keep a winged creature from flying, or a bull from goring you on its
  473. horns. While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to cast a spell.
  474. \end{aspell}
  475. \begin{aspell}{Mark of Death}{}
  476. Choose a creature whose true name you know. This spell creates
  477. permanent runes on a target surface that will kill that creature,
  478. should they read them.
  479. \end{aspell}
  480. \begin{aspell}{Control Weather}{}
  481. Pray for rain—or sun, wind, or snow. Within a day or so, your god will answer.
  482. The weather will change according to your will and last a handful of days
  483. \end{aspell}
  484. \vfill\null
  485. \end{multicols}
  486. \widebanner{Ninth Level Spells}
  487. \begin{multicols}{2}
  488. \begin{aspell}{Storm of Vengeance}{}
  489. Your deity brings the unnatural weather of your choice to pass. Rain
  490. of blood or acid, clouds of souls, wind that can carry away
  491. buildings, or any other weather you can imagine: ask and it shall
  492. come.
  493. \end{aspell}
  494. \begin{aspell}{Repair}{}
  495. Choose one event in the target’s past. All effects of that event,
  496. including damage, poison, disease, and magical effects, are ended
  497. and repaired. HP and diseases are healed, poisons are neutralized,
  498. magical effects are ended.
  499. \end{aspell}
  500. \begin{aspell}{Divine Presence}{Ongoing}
  501. Every creature must ask your leave to enter your presence, and you
  502. must give permission aloud for them to enter. Any creature without
  503. your leave takes an extra 1d10 damage whenever they take damage in
  504. your presence. While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to cast a
  505. spell.
  506. \end{aspell}
  507. \vfill\null
  508. \columnbreak
  509. \begin{aspell}{Consume Unlife}{}
  510. The mindless undead creature you touch is destroyed and you steal
  511. its death energy to heal yourself or the next ally you touch. The
  512. amount of damage healed is equal to the HP that the creature had
  513. remaining before you destroyed it.
  514. \end{aspell}
  515. \begin{aspell}{Plague}{Ongoing}
  516. Name a city, town, encampment, or other place where people live. As
  517. long as this spell is active that place is beset by a plague
  518. appropriate to your deity’s domains (locusts, death of the first
  519. born, etc.) While this spell is ongoing you take -1 to cast a spell.
  520. \end{aspell}
  521. \vfill\null
  522. \end{multicols}
  523. \end{document}